The Flame Ignites

I had resigned myself to the idea that dancing, for me, was going to be an unfulfilled yearning. In my mid-twenties, I had told myself that I was already too old for dancing and I had best transfer all such longings into a more suitable outlet. The dancing flame was buried and I took up the violin. Playing the violin was enjoyable enough but, you see, I wasn’t a musician. I was a dancer. Continue reading “The Flame Ignites”


Of all the qualities that make for a happy, healthy life and a progressive spiritual path, forgiveness is one of the most basic and important. Genuine forgiveness is not a common attitude of heart. It requires too much honesty and too little ego for the average person. It is a deep and solitary process known to the individual and God. Its ramifications are highly beneficial and, sometimes, miraculous. Continue reading “Forgiveness”

Spiritual Withdrawal

At every stage of consciousness above a certain basic level, there appears to be a sweet spot in the middle where all seems to work relatively well. A soul can remain in that nice place for a whole lifetime if that is what is destined. We all know people who are happy and content at their own varying levels of consciousness. To move into the next stage of development, the soul will have to go through an uncomfortable period of struggle. When change is imminent, the restlessness of the individual will force the person to break from the comfort of the known into the unknown of new territory. Continue reading “Spiritual Withdrawal”