Taking the Lead

It is best for the more spiritually advanced person in a relationship to take the lead in areas which require spiritual wisdom. In this way, both people will benefit and be free to continue their development unfettered. Many pitfalls will be avoided. If the lesser evolved person takes the lead then the other person will become frustrated in his or her being. The lesser evolved person will also have a tendency to remain at the level they feel comfortable with. To be spiritually more evolved is not synonymous with calling oneself spiritual. Many so-called spiritual people radiate superiority. Contrary to having a genuinely superior nature their lives are full of problems, relationship breakdowns, illness, and financial incompetence. Personal weaknesses such as pride, anger, emotional immaturity, jealousy, and denial about the state of one’s own being are frequently overlooked. Self-righteousness, moral superiority, and desire for control do not belong in the realm of the spiritually trustworthy.

The true spiritual student is humble, gracious, patient, kind, wise, brave, protective, direct, and intelligent. He or she seeks the good of God above all else. He or she has a deep understanding of human nature which comes from much time looking into one’s own thoughts. Seeking attention and approval will have been outgrown. There will be an emotional and spiritual independence. The combination of love, compassion, wisdom, and courage makes such an individual safe to follow. Whichever of the two people more closely resembles this then it is best for that person to take the lead in areas which need that type of wisdom. Taking the lead, far from putting one in a position of personal advantage, means to take on the sacred responsibility to protect the soul of the other person. This is in addition to one’s automatic responsibility to care for oneself.

This article is from Love’s Longing 


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