It is wise to do our very best in every area of life to improve our well-being and happiness. If we feel that our life is not balanced then it is a good idea to take stock of the energy we put into the various aspects of our being. Are we physically well? Do we need more exercise? Do we respect our body by giving it what it needs to eat? Are we physically ill in some way? Ignoring one’s physical problems is hardly a recipe for health. Are we mentally stressed? Do we take enough time each day, week, and year to relax and relieve our nervous system? Can we organise and prioritise our life so that we not suffering from constant nervous exertion? Many of our time problems are really priority issues. Do we challenge our mental capacities? Do we read and think about issues of importance to us? Do we take the opportunities to further our knowledge, understanding and, if appropriate, qualifications in our fields of interest? Do we monitor our emotions so that they do not lead us on a merry chase? Do we demonstrate gratitude for life by doing things we love to do and furthering the talents God has given us? Do we consistently, patiently, unselfishly, and sincerely practice love and forgiveness? Do we practice these same virtues towards ourselves?

Sometimes, people say they are very spiritual but one only has to take a perfunctory look at their life to see if that is true or not. Are they lazy about their health, blatantly ignoring their bodies which are calling out for loving attention? Do they make an effort to calm and reorient out-of-control emotions such as blame and self-pity? Do they read and think about issues clearly? Are they treated with respect by intelligent people? Do they hold grudges which they refuse to even acknowledge? Do they radiate unpleasantness and selfishness to those around them, all the while proclaiming their great spiritual interest? The state of our body, mind, and heart speaks volumes about where our true interests lie. Let those interests be kind, intelligent, and dedicated to the Good.

We are neither young nor old. The Infinite can neither begin nor can it end. This is the inherent nature of our life force. To free ourselves from the limitations of both youth and age is to encompass a journey full of adventure, growth, success, fulfilment, and surprising achievements. If we do not limit ourselves with notions of age then we will find that life will oblige by, also, disregarding the normal limitations of certain age groups. We will be attractive to others as, far from being a burden, we will have something worthwhile and valuable to offer others all through the blossoming years.

If possible, it is best to have a balance between the civilisation of city life and the solitude of country living. Too much solitude and we can become isolated and lose the benefit of human culture, progress, and communication. Too much urban life and we lose our spiritual essence and our fundamental, natural, and native homeostasis. Many people instinctively withdraw to the country or the seaside when they feel the noise of city life is drowning out the quiet, inner voice of peace. The country does what the city cannot. It quietens the mind and brings simplicity into one’s life. The city does what the country cannot. It enlivens the mind and brings culture into one’s life. We try to engage with both and benefit from the well-roundedness of a complete experience of all that life has to offer.

This article is from The Love of Devotion

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