Relationship Status

A mature person feels complete in all stages of life and personal relationship status. The soul is happy single, as well as in a relationship. It is a mistake to think that we need a certain type of relationship to be happy. If we crave a relationship when we are single, we will bring that wanting into any relationship with the consequent problems. To feel that destiny will provide us with what best meets our deepest needs is to be able to enter into any stage of life with confidence and a sense of completeness, not a sense of lack which someone else is supposed to fill.


Relationship transitions are an inevitable part of human life, in one form or another. However, in the grand scheme of things, they are nothing to be concerned about. Souls come and go, in various ways, in and out of our life over great eons of time. We never lose someone we love. The bond is eternal. As relationships transform, the door is opened to new developments which are very important for our spiritual progress. Nothing is lost. When we are on the spiritual path, everything is a gain. Every stage of life is perfect when we look for the genuine blessing in it. By practicing to be loving, not only do we become more loving but we also find that much love is returned to us. We find love by being loving. We need not ever feel alone, afraid or rejected because love is, indeed, everywhere around us. A confident and fearless attitude to life and a knowledge that we will always be taken care of, allows us to extend a generosity of spirit to all our dear ones.

This article is from The Love of Devotion

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