Of all the qualities that make for a happy, healthy life and a progressive spiritual path, forgiveness is one of the most basic and important. Genuine forgiveness is not a common attitude of heart. It requires too much honesty and too little ego for the average person. It is a deep and solitary process known to the individual and God. Its ramifications are highly beneficial and, sometimes, miraculous. To have an ongoing practice of forgiveness is to extend one’s health, beauty, and agelessness, ever increasing one’s ability to face life with freshness and energy as one grows in wisdom and loses the burden of resentment. If one learns to become aware of hidden resentments and releases them then one will glow with lightness all through the years. The passing of years will have minimal effect as it is the accumulation of hurt, not the passing of years, which ages people most rapidly.

The commitment to forgive everyone, in all situations, without exception, including ourselves, is an intensely transformative commitment. The nature of forgiveness is such that it cannot be pretended or intellectualised. It is a practice which involves deep surrender to God and sincere humility. Surrender and humility are the two qualities which will advance our evolution most significantly. The practice of forgiveness brings quietness, stillness, peace, and happiness. If we want to be happy we must be willing to let go of that which is most painful to us. The ego will put up a vicious fight, reminding us of how justified we are in holding onto all those things. The ego gets its life force from such resentments and so it is hardly going to co-operate with its own demise. However, with a sincere desire for happiness and peace, one finds the ability to let things go. The end result more than compensates for any temporary discomfort.

We must be honest with ourselves. When honesty is cultivated to a sufficient extent then we begin the process of looking at everything that we are upset about with a willingness to let it go. When we consciously enter the path of forgiveness we, initially, work diligently on all our current matter. We do not have to choose what to work on. The soul does that for us automatically. The higher Self instinctively tries to heal itself. In this way, we gradually improve the state of our current experience of life so that we are not carrying around heavy bundles of hurt in our mind, heart, and body. The process is beautiful in its simplicity. Healing is inevitable. The time it takes is directly proportionate to our sincerity. The more sincere we are, the more honest we will be with ourselves and the more humble we will be. It is a sacred and holy process.

This article is from Love’s Longing

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  1. I agree that which we need to forgive ourselves for become our minds eye on it. And why we need to. Forgive thyself as we we forgive others for our life can not evolve and prosper if don’t. Forgiveness is not an apology it is an acceptance, of things iived, overcome, and lessons learned. Just my feeling and opinion .

    1. Thank you Tracy. I think that is a lovely way to talk about forgiving ourselves – “Forgiveness is not an apology, it is an acceptance of things lived, overcome and lessons learned.” How very true. Many things in life require not an apology but a different response to life. Thats a true apology!

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