Transforming Sexual Energy

At various times in our life, we may wish to transform sexual energy into higher energy which is useful for spiritual development. This can happen spontaneously and unconsciously such as when it is not possible to discharge sexual energy in a normal, healthy sexual relationship. It can, sometimes, happen that those in the process of intensive, creative work will temporarily cease sexual activity in order to channel all of their energy into their work. Top level athletes will often refrain from sexual activity before an important event in order to save their life-force for the task at hand. The lack of a suitable mate can trigger the automatic transfer of frustrated sexual energy into the higher energy centres where it will be used for the mental, creative, and spiritual progress of that individual.

To an extent, transforming sexual energy is an inbuilt and independent function of our being. Some physical activities can have the tendency to transfer sexual energy just by our participation in them. Physical activities which have a parallel higher purpose are most conducive to this process. Thoughtful contemplation and peaceful awareness can be practiced while walking. Harmony of body, mind, and spirit is engendered in yoga. A sincere, heartfelt connection is foundational to beautiful dancing, music, and art. It encourages the heart to focus on love and things invisible. It invites the soul to listen to the silent music of the interwoven notes of human existence. Challenging mental work or any work done in the right spirit, including housework and gardening, can have the same effect. In fact, those in the habit of continuous prayer know that everything is an opportunity for communion with God and inner consciousness work.

Rising Life-Force

For many thousands of years, Eastern spiritual traditions have spoken of the life-force of the body as running up the spine through the energy centres and through the etheric body. The etheric body, auric field or energy around a person has the imprint of all that occurs at the physical level of that person’s unique body and experiences. It is possible and, at times, desirable to aid the movement of the life-force upwards to higher planes. The base level energy is visualised as moving upwards in the body and auric field. Such a practice is possible when one has healthy, strong, and positive energy at the lower energy centres. If one is depressed, unwell, unhealthy or lethargic then there will be no available energy to move to the higher energy centres.

At a basic, primitive level of functioning, mankind’s sexual behaviour is both unconscious and only minimally controlled. It is driven by natural instinct and controlled only by whatever social conventions the individual accepts as mandatory. The drive is fuelled by the desire to release pent-up sexual energy which, if not released, feels unpleasant. Love is neither desired nor sought. Even liking the mate is not a high priority. At this level, suitable partners are, at least theoretically, innumerable because the requirements are so low. As the individual develops, he or she develops the desire for a more suitable mate, with more compatible qualities. The person’s own qualities, by this stage, have considerably developed and so they are capable of attracting a higher level mate into their life.

Servants of God

However, if the individual continues to mature to an unusually high level of development, they will find that the availability of suitable mates reduces dramatically as the requirements of the person become more and more sophisticated and specialised. In fact, at this level of consciousness, the person relies heavily on Universal guidance to find the right partner as so few individuals are actually suitable. In the meantime, however, they will use the opportunity of, perhaps, long periods of sexual abstinence to channel the energy into spiritual growth and so no loss is overly felt, if it is felt at all.

For some advanced spiritual beings, the sexual life-force seems to remain dormant. Its potential is not realised in an active form but is retained within the individual adding to the energetic power of the individual. It is consciously used for other purposes. Above those who use their energy for creative and intellectual pursuits are those few advanced beings whose very presence on Earth balances and heals the calibration of Earth’s energy field. They bless us with their presence and protect, what is still, a primitive planet from further self-harm until such time as we seek healing, health, and harmony as a collective totality.

This article is from The Love of Devotion

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