Dancing, at its best, is independence and intimacy in balance. As in all areas of life when people have to work closely together, dance couples often argue. Appreciation goes a long way in healing and transforming stressed relationships. Some time ago, my dance teacher decided to try and reduce the arguing which frequently accompanies the practice sessions. He asked his training couples to stand in a circle and then, one-by-one, to say something they sincerely appreciated about their partner. They did what he asked and, almost imperceptibly, a sense of peace seemed to breathe into the room. My teacher reminded his students that none of them could know how long they would have their dance partner or even their dancing career and it would be good to be grateful for their partner. The rest of the practice was indeed calm, cooperative, and harmonious.

Sharing Our Talents

All gifts and talents are not only given to us for our own enjoyment and fulfilment but they are also given to us for the benefit of other people. This applies to everyone’s abilities. Our talent does not have to be Olympic or world-class standard. It just has to be a genuine appreciation for some aspect of life that we, particularly, feel drawn to. Even participating in a hobby or talent that no one ever sees, uplifts the world by the sincerity and purity of intention that we put into it. All of life is energetic and so all thoughts and actions are energetically experienced by the world, at some level, whether we intend it or not. Every generous, constructive, creative, and positive thought contributes something of value to the world and helps the world to raise its vibration.

Love’s Longing

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