Gratitude is the foundation of love. We are grateful for life, every little expression of goodness, and every wonderful thing that is given to us or comes our way. Without gratitude, we cannot hear the joyful song that is forever playing underneath the appearance of normal life. Every morning when we wake, we can remember to focus our thoughts on the beauty of the day ahead. We can still our mind and remind ourselves that the mind of the Divine is guiding and protecting us. We can place our loved ones within the safety of that Divine care. We have so much to be grateful for, at very least, the wonderful opportunity that life is. Not one of us can ever be apart from the nurturing, protecting Love which sustains us in every way and always has.

Gratitude comes from humility. It leads to joy and, surprisingly, an unshakeable confidence. Our normal human consciousness constantly gravitates towards self-importance. Self-importance is not true confidence. Rather, it is counterfeit confidence and automatically leads to endless worries, desires, and fear that we will not be able to get what we need or protect that which we have already attained. With conscious effort, prayer, and the simple willingness to have an open heart, we begin to release, even if just for a moment, our own egotistic importance. We soften to the idea that we are not the creator of all things nor the grand director and producer. Rather, we are the grateful actor given our part to play. If we do so with enthusiasm, love, and happiness, all will go well, often, much beyond our expectations.

Gratitude grows from the soil of letting go and surrender. It is only possible to surrender when we are humble enough to acknowledge the authority of the Divine over our life and everything in it. We lean on the immense and unlimited resources of Life. We become lighter, brighter, and more radiant. The never-ending, normal problems and worries of life recede into the background and often disappear. Our being is filled with the loveliness of everything good and a knowing that good is naturally drawn to us and wishes to make its home within the walls of our garden.

This article is from The Love of Devotion

4 Replies to “Gratitude”

    1. Thanks Robert.
      The PAGL Foundation is responsible for Dr. Thomas Hora’s work.
      Dr. Hora was to many of us a greatly loved and adored (at least I adored him!) spiritual teacher. His work continues through his books and his students (both old and new).
      PAGL is an acronym for Peace, Assurance, Gratitude, Love which are the qualities we try to realize within ourselves.


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