Quietness around other people is not necessarily a sign of spiritual calmness. It could be contempt. It could be shyness. As a child and teenager, I was very quiet and shy. Apart from a naturally introspective personality, the quietness was primarily driven by fear. This was deliberately overcome when I made a conscious decision, at age fifteen, to stop living in social fear and started trying to reach out to my school peers in a proactive way. Continue reading “Quietness”

Seeking the Sacred

I went to see the movie Philomena which is based on the, apparently, true story of an Irish teenage girl whose baby was taken from her by the Catholic nuns in 1952 and adopted to a wealthy American couple for one thousand pounds. Fifty years later, an unlikely match between Philomena and an emotionally struggling journalist brings healing to both in their search for Philomena’s son. The real-life Philomena says, ”This is not a rally cry against the church or politics. In fact, despite some of the troubles that befell me as a young girl, I have always maintained a very strong hold on my faith.” I walked home from the movie on a calm, warm evening in a small, Australian, seaside town and thought about the depth of the, largely, unconscious ties that we have to the sacred. Continue reading “Seeking the Sacred”


In order to enjoy a close and intimate bond with our partner, we need to be mindful of the emotional state of the relationship. Without an honest and genuine emotional bond of trust, a high quality sexual relationship will never be achieved. Sex will become non-existent or the domain of one controlling partner over one submissive partner or a mutual using of each other person’s body. Each individual brings with them all that they are outside the bedroom walls into the sanctity of the enclosed bedroom space. Continue reading “Intimacy”