Spiritual Evolution

One morning at the coffee shop, my coffee arrived with the word love inscribed in the froth. A simple act, but sweet and uplifting. Little acts of goodwill help to soothe the pain of human hurt and ease the complexities of ongoing existence. All life is on a continuum. Everyone is at a different level of consciousness which means we are all at a different point in our spiritual development. How we each think, speak, and act is directly related to our level of consciousness and we can do very little else except by gradual evolution. So what sense does it make to blame someone else or ourselves for being where we are?

Thinking, at any stage, is directly related to how life is perceived at that level. It is not black and white, good and bad. It is gradations. What looks fine from one level, looks dreadful from a higher level. What is blissful at a higher level is boring and incomprehensible at a lower level. What is satisfying and no problem at one level is totally unacceptable when outgrown. All is relative. As life is a continuum of evolution, it makes sense to remove the blaming and self-righteousness. We are all approaching life in a way that is understandable at any given level of consciousness. This sort of compassion is not about being virtuous or self-sacrificing. It is simply acknowledging a truth that is everywhere. We are compassionate because there is no other intelligent way to be.

So often, people walk through life with blinkers on, being totally absorbed in their own considerable problems and not really noticing the struggles that others have. It is very easy to be judgemental about things that happen to other people that we assume would never happen to us. Life is complex and many things can happen that we would not expect. Losing a sense of judgement is a reliable indicator that we have dedicated ourselves to emotional maturity and spiritual growth. It helps us to move forward in life, accepting the altered routes and enthusiastically embracing new terrains. Who did what to who is a trifling matter compared with preserving a stable and peaceful mind. In this way, all change will be to our benefit and will be an advancement in our capacity to fulfil our potential. Life will reward us with love, respect, and success.

Finding Our Prize

Spiritual progress is not a result of the human mind or will. One cannot make oneself think or desire any spiritual thing. It is the result of past lessons and karma which combine to give us the momentum to make certain progressive decisions. We are born already with a certain level of consciousness and a desire to achieve a certain amount of spiritual growth. It is pointless to criticise spiritually unaware people because if they could be different, they would be. It is also pointless to take personal credit for one’s spiritual integrity and interest because it is simply a natural result of past spiritual work and karma. And there is, of course, a long way to go. One can take great comfort from the fact that if one is interested in spiritual seeing, if one takes pleasure from reading or hearing uplifting and truthful spiritual ideas, if one desires to have peace, love, and happiness then one is bound to find it. The very desire is proof that one is already at a stage of consciousness where one is on a clear spiritual path that can ultimately go nowhere else but to God. With sincerity and wisdom, it can be all the more direct.

This article is from The Love of Devotion

4 Replies to “Spiritual Evolution”

  1. This is a great little piece–so descriptive and helpful. Merci! I remember another “coffee shop” piece I loved–about compassion. Is it the same one, reworked, or is it where you teach compassion??!! xo Susan


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  2. With Love we are always on the right track. To be aware of the beautiful Christ-Nature in others and in oneself opens the door for true reality. For example it sets up a family or removes whatever is offensive in a situation (even the situation by itself). In Love and through the power of Love.

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