Destined Relationships

In life, there are so many people who need love but we cannot personally love everyone. We must find those who belong to our own particular karmic groupings. How do we make such important decisions? Whenever we decide to invest a considerable amount of time in one person or a group of people, we can make that choice based on a feeling of rightness in our soul. The rightness may be recognisable by a sense of peace or happiness or balance. It may be recognisable by a sense of destiny unfolding as it should. It could be that the thought of leaving someone or something, in some form, feels distinctly unsatisfactory. Many of our human connections are not logically explainable. They come from the unconscious. The unconscious, karma, and destiny are all siblings. Karmic connectedness means that we are destined to play a part in certain people’s lives because we have a higher connection which cannot be easily broken.

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology, knew from much experience working with the human psyche that there is a deep, often, buried and unconscious knowing which can safely guide the individual along the best path in life. He said that when it comes to the really important things in life which can be complex and unpredictable by nature, it is best to listen to the deepest voice within oneself which will have a tendency to know things that the rational mind cannot work out.

We may choose to ignore the signals of certain instinctive connections because they are uncomfortable or challenging. We may not like the way in which something is evolving. We will, most likely, have a tendency to outline to God the way we want our relationships to evolve, with whom, and with what timing. Our preferences and attractions are very important and help us to head towards that which is truly meant for us. It is how we find those we are meant to share life with. The dedicated power of a strong intention will draw what we want and need towards us. However, life is complex and insisting on the exact unfoldment of things can work against that which is in our higher interest.

Relationships are a compound of many factors. We may not get what we want. Sometimes, we’ll get what we want but it won’t be what we thought. Sometimes, we seem to get nothing. Rest assured; that nothingness can quickly and definitively turn into something quite different. Flexibility, gratitude, and trust help us to go with the flow and still move in the direction we wish to travel. An attitude of letting be and patience will do a great deal to heal disappointments and reinforce our emotional and spiritual growth. Such an attitude will also avoid irrational and regrettable hissy fits which can leave lasting scars and destroy what otherwise would have a been a most beneficial relationship.

In the end, so long as love is present, we will not miss out. Love attracts love and it is always rewarded. We must trust that our love will inevitably return to us, even if we cannot demand in which way and at what time we will have it returned.

This article is from Love’s Longing

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