The Love of Devotion: Healing Repressions


Major fears, sadness, and anger tend to be repressed because they are unpleasant to face. We do not know how to deal with them. Of course, society demands restraint. We obviously cannot rant and rave to every person we feel annoyed with. We cannot go around angrily blaming every poor soul that crosses our path. We cannot crumble into a bumbling heap of fear whenever we are challenged or anxious. We cannot crawl into a little ball of despair and refuse to face the world because we are disheartened and sad. Hopefully, as a child, we learned some restraint and level-headedness. However, we transfer these necessary learned responses into indiscriminate repression. 

As repressions grow, they take more energy to hold down and the effort to do so robs us of our peace, ability to relate to others with honesty, and capacity to face issues calmly and rationally. In the heat of surfacing repressions which have been inadvertently unleashed, rationality is the last thing to be listened to. Exploding repressed emotion is not interested in calm rationality. It simply wants to vent. When one understands this, situations which would otherwise seem disastrous can often be viewed with wisdom, patience, and even humour. The personal ego takes itself very seriously for no good reason.

Raving Lunatics to Peaceful Warriors

We have a fear that if we go into our deeper emotions, we will be consumed by them. We fear that if we close the door of our bedroom and face the emotion then we will be consumed by the monstrous darkness of our inner being. We think our fears will turn us into a neurotic mess of blubber, our angers will turn us into raving lunatics, and our sadness will be so overwhelming that we will never function in the world again. It is not so. One only has to practice this a few times to know that, far from destroying us, going into our inner thoughts deeply works them through to their conclusion or, at least, to some degree of conclusion. The intensity of the emotion lifts and we are left with a far greater ability to find our peace and happiness. As we become more proficient at this process, the time it takes becomes shorter and the resulting peace and assurance becomes more substantial and unshakeable. 

We can determine to not let the issue go until we have received the blessing from it. The blessing will absolutely come if we just stick in there, see it through, and don’t desert our post. Our post is the watch we keep over our own thoughts. The battle is with our own consciousness which hovers between the old land and the new. The enemy is the thoughts and attached emotions which bind our soul to lower level thinking, without us even knowing where it comes from. One has to beckon the spiritual warrior inside oneself whenever it is deemed necessary for the task at hand. Courage is the fuel. Healing is the direction. Forgiveness is the balm. Love is the atmosphere Divine.

5 Replies to “The Love of Devotion: Healing Repressions”

  1. i think if only we just imagine d scene at the time of our death. …5 minutes before n after. ..contemplating our+ntself in that foreground will help tremendously. .in getting rid of, of trivial things.
    u r doing a great job. ..God bless you

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    1. Fabulous response thank you Mithilesh. Life can very easily become a regrettable series of things that we never really meant to spend our whole life doing and thinking.


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