Let the Dead Bury the Dead

If we don’t make much progress in life then there will be little need for change. To the extent that we grow, our life circumstances will also tend to change. Although there will be some people and elements of our life that will remain constant, change is a frequent visitor for the person destined for growth. One becomes accustomed to letting go and graciously accepting that which we have now grown into. In this way, life is always an adventure and will go from strength to strength. If we cling to the old, we cannot move forward. This applies to people and groups outgrown, relationships that no longer serve a beneficial purpose, friendships which have evolved to be more appropriate to a higher sense of ourselves, work which changes form, and where we wish to live.

Choose only that which is in your highest interest and the genuine highest interest of those around you. Avoid, or better still, transcend the myriad of duplicitous human interactions. If we are a person destined for something better, we must free ourselves from that which pulls us backwards and seek only that which is sincerely and honestly of worth.

When the new student of Jesus wanted to bury his father before following Jesus, it was not out of meanness or callousness that Jesus told him, “Let the dead bury the dead.” He was telling his new student that he must release outgrown attachments which would not serve his future growth. The rewards of the spiritual path are great. However, in order to reap those rewards, we must first have the intelligence and courage to commit to the uncommon path of the more advanced thinker and seeker. We do not have the luxury of immersing ourselves in all the normal, troubled, and problematic interactions and thought patterns of average people.

The facade which most people propose as love is the faint shadow of true spiritual love. To find true love, we must not look for it where it does not reside. We live in the world but not of it. Our consciousness cannot have an indecisive foot in both worlds. It must know where it really resides. Make no mistake; one of those worlds will carry our home address and whichever it is will determine our life.

It is best to choose the higher world and visit the other one with as much dignity, compassion, and love as we are capable of. If we wish to be a spiritual light or even to have an above average level of success, happiness, and health in life then we must see ourselves as separate from the belief systems of the common, misguided person. We must align with something better, higher, stronger, and more beautiful. Only then can we really be a help because only then do we have that which we claim to have.

This article is from Love’s Longing 

3 Replies to “Let the Dead Bury the Dead”

  1. At a certain point it is up to us to make the decision to “leave our nets”; leave behind the limiting sense of existence and live wholly in God.
    Thank you Donna


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