Healing Grief

Grieving is commonly experienced in the wake of all sorts of apparent losses, not just death. Every time we feel we have lost something of value, we tend to grieve. We deny it. We bargain to try to make the loss less painful. We get angry. We get depressed. We, sometimes, get sick. And if all goes well, we eventually accept it. This is the human process. The spiritual process, however, takes on a different dimension.

On losing a friend, I asked my spiritual teacher, at that time, to help me get over the grief and sadness. Grief, after all, can be a very painful experience. It is a pain which no medicine can relieve. It comes from a place so deep in our heart that we feel nothing can reach it. It was pointed out to me that the Infinite One cannot be torn apart from itself. It is our personification of good, our belief that it belongs to a personal identity which makes grief possible. And it is our understanding of universal good, of God’s being everywhere and in everything which heals it. The qualities and abilities which we may miss in someone are not missing from Life. Every beautiful and wonderful quality in someone is abundantly present and waiting to be recognised in all of life’s great symphony.

Our understanding of our relationship to God makes human relationships subservient to Principle. As the emanation of God we come forth permanently complete. Completeness is not a personal state to lose or regain but results from the fact that we live as the experience of Love itself. How this works out in our life is up to God. We stay in our exalted position which is at peace and from which the unfolding of ideas goes on. We cannot miss out on anything. The Law of Intelligence does not condemn or punish. It is entirely benevolent. John Hargreaves

This article is from The Love of Being Loving

One Reply to “Healing Grief”

  1. Grief is a universal process. We must not restrict others from experiencing past love and we must allow past love and experiences to be shared with loved ones for spiritual growth. Past love is present love and present love is future love. Even healing after grief cannot sever past bonds and experiences. They exist within us, through us and throughout time.


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