A Dream – St. Teresa of Avila

Some time ago, it was mentioned to me that I may like to read St. Teresa of Avila’s autobiographical book, The Book of My Life. I ordered the book and forgot about it. I knew almost nothing about St. Teresa, at that time, not even that she was a Carmelite nun. St. Teresa is an esteemed Catholic mystic and contemplative of the 16th century. Just before I received the book, I had the following dream:

After a certain sequence of events, I went to live in an enclosed Carmelite Order. I saw no one for fifteen years except the other nuns. I was cared for simply and spent all my time in prayer. (Later on, I realized that this was in line with St. Teresa’s own preference for monastic life.) It was extremely enjoyable and I became less and less mortal and more and more ethereal. It was a complete and utter pleasure. The feeling in the monastery was exquisitely beautiful.

After the fifteen years, it was time to go and see someone in the world. I watched myself doing this. However, by this time my body was not very visible so I wore long, flowing garments to cover it. I had a large glow around me – very light and beautifully luminescent. It radiated about two feet from my body. I wore a cloak over my head which seemed to bring the glow next to me so that no one noticed it. I no longer needed to walk but could glide over the surface of the path.

I found talking very burdensome, as I normally communicated telepathically. However, I had to talk to a few people in order to get to the person I needed to see. At one point there was a problem, as those people wanted to know my name. I did not want to tell them my name and so I told them telepathically, “You are now happy to let me see the person I want to see and will ask no further questions.” This they did instantly, although they knew not why. When I got to the person I wished to see, there was an instant recognition and all was well. Then the dream was over.

St. Teresa was a saint of visions. She was well known for her mystical experiences or favours from God as she called them. Although mystical experiences are favours in that they are gifts, God has no favourites and we are all loved equally. The overriding spiritual intention of Life is for everyone to fulfil their potential, find their peace, and feel the happiness of being a unique and deeply valued soul.

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  1. my thoughts after stumbling upon this writing are that we are all one in God and all that was is now. We in an expanded state of consciousness may have access in spirit to another’s voyage. All is God and all is One as have learned and
    Donna gave herself that experience of knowing Teresa as she tapped into Teresa’s special mystic thought which who knows might readily be going on right now as all is right now. I was told Teresa studied kabbalah or was taught this by her grandfather. It is a definite path to higher states of consciousness. In any case what a wonderful dream. ann f.

  2. Interesting piece, Donna. Do you think you were Teresa? or influenced by her in another lifetime, or in the monastery with her where her example guided and inspired you? I recall an earlier piece by you where you describe communicating telepathically with your children when young, clearly knowledge you brought into the world with you.

    The photo of Teresa is gorgeous–radiant–eyes fixed upward, even though gazing forward.

    Buddhist teacher and spiritual teacher, Adyashanti in his book, Resurrecting Jesus, speaks of reading this book and having an utter and dizzying love affair with her that opened him to Christianity.

    Be well…Susan


    1. Thank you dear Susan.
      It is an interesting question – the sense that we are someone (or part of someone or their life) when we have a dream or telepathic connection with someone past. Do you have any thoughts about that issue? Or if anyone else wants to comment…
      In this particular case, an interesting thing was that when I ordered the book, I had no knowledge of Teresa but the dream seemed to have a clear knowledge of her. Does that come from the collective consciousness or from Divine knowledge or from past personal experience….?

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