Glowing Love

How sweetly one glows when one is imbued with love. Some time ago, I attended a talk given by a swami.  A swami is the equivalent of a monk or nun, one who has renounced ordinary social life for the dedicated following of a religious path or teacher. I instantly liked her. She radiated calmness, intelligence, and kindness. Her talk was on love and sweetness. One of the endearing things she said was that when we have developed our capacity to love, we will not need to wear perfume because the body will have a beautiful, sweet smell. Love is demonstrated by our undivided attention and genuine interest in another’s well-being. The loving individual has the capacity to look people in the eye with quiet confidence and sincere concern. Whenever we move into a loving space, we lift our consciousness and become a beacon of light. Our aim is to be that consistently – a truly healing presence.

An interesting response to someone who authentically loves is tears. It is a grateful, relieved, emotional reaction to being in a situation of safety and trust. Tears are a natural response to being in a healing environment. Our subconscious and unconscious psyche grabs the opportunity to release built up stress, emotional charge, and damage. Tears help to heal internal, energetic scarring from all the myriad of pains one suffers from life, karma, and evolution. The soul feels relief from being uplifted, rescued, and encouraged. Tears are also an alignment with spiritual clarity, purity, and integrity. There is a feeling of being at home. We have an instinctive, deep response to goodness, beauty, and enduring love.

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  1. Another reminder of what are essential, every day live-by principles. We get too busy and caught-up in our dramas and forget there is an easier, more graceful and good-for-all way. Thank you Donna for constantly reminding us. It helps me a great deal!

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