Dance: Fulfilling Our Potential

To be happy, we must fulfil our individual innate potential. Otherwise, we will feel frustrated at some level. In fulfilling ourselves, we will naturally contribute something of worth to the world. Selfish ambition, whether blatant or secret, destroys many a friendship and many a career. Selfish ambition cannot help but see others as competition. If someone else is succeeding, we think that means that we are not, or perhaps not as well as them. Dedication to the good of all, including ourselves, takes the ill-will out of competitive thinking and makes the way to success smoother than we could otherwise orchestrate. We will have God /good on our team.

To follow our own destiny and to have generosity and goodwill towards others gives us a fearless confidence. We know that we will have our place in life and that it will bring us enjoyment and satisfaction. We will not be afraid to pursue our own path with all the energy and determination that we can draw into one short but important lifetime. When things go well, we will be gracious and grateful. When they do not, we will be hopeful. We will neither puff up with pride nor blame ourselves with recriminations of failure. Not only does such an approach save us from the never-ending stresses of competitive and ill-willed human interaction, but it makes our life a prayer. 

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