The Universal Language of Happiness

One morning, I was in my front garden, digging around and trying to bring life and order back to the lovely, old garden of the small, inner-city 1930’s cottage I had recently moved into. An elderly Greek lady, who I recognized from several houses away, shuffled across the road in my direction. With kind, shining eyes she started to speak. Her accent was thick but I could get the gist of what she was saying, particularly because every second word was either God or happy. She, by the way, was the embodiment of happiness.

She greeted me like an old friend and said how happy she was that I had moved into the house and was fixing up the garden. She said she had lived in her home for fifty years. I don’t know that I even said one word. She was too busy overflowing with the joy of life, telling me many things of which I understood little except, “I happy, you happy, God is happy. Not other person make us happy. Not big house make us happy. God make us very happy.”

She was speaking the universal language of loving kindness. That sort of communication is nonverbal and it is expressed and received through the eyes. The eyes convey our love or betray our intentions many times over in every interaction. There was one, fleeting sad moment when she said something about the T.V. and bad people killing but then her eyes lit up again and she was back to her shining happiness. She kissed me twice and wandered back to her own home of happiness.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Buddha

This article is from Love’s Longing 

One Reply to “The Universal Language of Happiness”

  1. It seems that the Universe has placed you in your new dwelling, Donna, in just the right vibration. How lovely that you meet a neighbor who participates with you in a love of God, a joy of truth, and welcomed you with words that express spiritual understanding. “Like attracts like.”
    May the garden of your consciousness bloom gloriously–inwardly and outwardly!
    Susan von Reichenbach

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