Fidelity and Infidelity

Some people do not have to consider the issue of infidelity because they are not able to attract the attention and affection of anyone to be faithful or otherwise to. For such a one, the task of this lifetime is to become a more beautiful person so that others will be drawn to them. It is the person’s inner being – their confidence, engagingness, and contribution to life – which will have the most impact on an increase in attractiveness. It is surprising to see how supposedly ordinary looking people suddenly seem to radiate beauty when they have improved their level of happiness and self-esteem. People look at them whereas previously they were ignored and overlooked.

For others, who have already learned how to attract people into their life, there is a whole different set of problems. As one evolves into a more assured individual and one naturally has a greater magnetic appeal to others then these problems become magnified. Sexual fidelity and infidelity is a highly emotive topic and almost everyone has very strongly held opinions about it, often, for reasons they do not even understand. To break the usually unstated but definite expectation of sexual fidelity can and, often, does have life-changing consequences with much suffering involved.

Sexual fidelity, however, is only one aspect of the whole intricate matrix of intimate, human relations. There are many ways in which humans relate closely to each other, get what they need from others, and give what they have to give to others. Love that does not turn out how we want, can turn some people into enemies. Thus the saying, There is a thin line between love and hate. Such people can spend years, decades, and even a lifetime blaming any number of people for the injustices they have supposedly endured. Love which can turn into hate is not true love at all.

The craving for sex in the human is the shadow of the spiritual craving for joining with all that is beautiful. That is why it is so highly valued and protected in relationships, without people even knowing why it is so precious and important. Ultimately, spiritual love is faithful not to a person but to Love itself, which will naturally include certain people. Love will choose not to hurt or harm. It will also choose not to stifle one’s being or live a life of repression or cut off another’s reaching out. From the highest spiritual perspective, in the less physical and more ethereal realms, these questions have no relevance. There is not only no infidelity but there is also no fidelity. Who would be the person that is being faithful? And to whom? Spiritual love encompasses everyone. All souls are boundless, complete, and free. We are, in our spiritual being, already married to everything Divine and separated from nothing good.

This article is from Love’s Longing 

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