The Energy Centres

One day, in my second year of ballroom dancing, I was dancing the Tango with one of my earlier teachers. Suddenly, I became aware of how active the chakra centres are in dancing. I refrained from mentioning this discovery to my then-teacher but only barely refrained. I had to remind myself that dancers are generally not spiritual students versed in the Eastern traditions. In the traditional ballroom holds, both bodies are touching or almost touching at numerous points and the hands are also touching. Combine the human hands and the chakra points of the individual and you have an open access for the flow of energy between two receptive people.

I could immediately see the significance of this knowledge. The energy centres play a foundational role in the complex way in which people relate to each other – for better and for worse. As ballroom dancing is an intrinsically couple-related activity, it is a reflection of all human interactive relationships. The energy centres of the individuals involved will dictate who can dance together well and who cannot. As in life, some combinations of energies make an inspirational and captivating couple. Others are boring and lifeless, or fireworks in the traumatic sense rather than the creative sense.

Although many people do not seem to be able to articulate what another’s personal energy is, for me, it is as obvious as the clothes they are wearing. I think that people do, actually, know a great deal more about other people’s energy than they realise but, for most, it is unconscious knowledge.

The life-force of every individual starts at the foundational, primal ground level of the base and sacral energy centres. From there it moves up to the solar plexus which is the centre of the individual will. The individual will is what makes us ourselves. The life-force then moves to the emotion and love of the heart centre. The heart is what makes us more than ourselves. After that, it travels to the higher spiritual domains of unconditional love, insight, intuition, healing, and divine inspiration.

Part of the technique of ballroom dancing is for male and female to keep several of the above chakras glued to their dancing partner. Of course, in dancing it is not expressed in terms of energy centres or chakras. Rather, it is expressed in terms of body parts. Glued but not rigid. Alive but not out of control. Energetic but contained. Connected but independent. Responsive but not needy. Two become one, move as one, melded but not lost in each other.

This article is from Dance: A Spiritual Affair

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