Surrender and Wholeness

The bedroom is the place of surrender. It is where we surrender to sleep each night. Spiritual teacher, Dr. Thomas Hora, would say, “Sleep is practising to die.” We release from the day, from our troubles and worries and from our excitements and projects. We surrender to unconsciousness, never knowing for sure if we will wake up again. And, of course, the bedroom is the place where we make love.

Sex asks for a surrender to our own body, as well as a surrender to the body of our loved one. However, sex is not only about surrender. It is also about wholeness. Our body, healthy and alive, is only the starting point of that wholeness. Our auric field is the far greater part. It is this energy field which we are giving to our partner in the bedroom. No matter what we do or don’t do, say or don’t say, this energy field is speaking so loudly that it will certainly override all other conversations.

If our energy field is looking to be completed by another person, it will be too busy asking, hoping, and cajoling to concentrate on bringing a whole person: strong, capable, warm, confident, free, and appreciative. We don’t ask our mate to complete us. We bring something worth bringing, to someone who wants and loves that something. If we don’t have that completeness then we need to look for it everywhere, every day, in every way we can. We will find that somewhere, least expected, there is a beautiful wholeness about us that was there all along but, somehow, for all the craving, looking, demanding, and begging, we failed to see.

This article is from Love’s Longing 

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