4 Replies to “Speak To Us of Love: Kahlil Gibran – Video”

  1. Hello Dearest: A long time has passed since our lovely conversations. I want to comment on Gabran’s discourse on Love. I have the book the Prophet. Brilliant. However, Gabran is a little hard on Love. Did you know that Gabran died of alcoholism because of the severe pain he struggled with from , we think, was Cancer. At any rate, this discourse is not necessarily Love. If you read any of Ramana Maharshi’s discourses, you will see an much more loving Love, tender in all it’s ways. However, this means giving up the false idea that we are the body. All my Love, Carol Pedigree

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      1. Oh, yes! I simply felt Gabran’s discourse on divine Love was hard to take, an Old Testament kind of divine Love. Whereas Ramana Maharshi’s discourses on divine Love feel softer and always available, here now without the “hidden pinions that wound or crucify”.

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        1. I was thinking more that Gibran was speaking about the normal complexities and difficulties of human love. Coming from a CS background, we all prefer the absolute nondual love that we are used to praying to, for sure! Thanks Carol


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