3 Replies to “When I Was the Forest: Meister Eckhart – Video”

  1. Is there God exist in the World. Who can protect me from Bad Human beings those not giving me a chance to be a successful man in my life.

    Please teach me how to pray to God. If you know already please pray to God for me to Protect me bad doing people those are not letting me free in my life, I need job for support my old parents they are very old and sick. But when I send my application for my job, something happen wrong in my luck that I can not get job, it’s been one year I have been looking for job.

    I am mechanical engineer with experience in Pakistan, Dubai and USA. I have a lot of experience EVEN then nobody is giving me a chance to join any company in the world.

    Can Jesus help me in this regard. Can Jesus protect me from bad doing people

    Or Jesus and God is not exist in the world.

    My parents they are sick EVEN then, they do fasting, pray to God for my Success. But nothing is useful, it looks like there is no God.

    All power got BAD people they decided for me that I can not get job in Lahore and in the world. I heard God has more power than everything.

    But it looks wrong. People has more power than God, they decide on basis of someone told them something against me, now they decided about me that I won’t be a successful man in my life so everything is going according to these people. That’s why I couldn’t get job for the last one year. Can you believe me.

    But i know I didn’t do any thing wrong with anybody, it’s just an exam from The Lord. That everybody trying to do wrong with me. I know I am right that’s why I am satisfied.

    And I decided that I follow the right path, never go wrong to get success. I know with follow the Positive Path, I can’t get too much success but I will be satisfied that I didn’t do any thing wrong to get success.

    I am trying with walking on right path, but it’s taking too much time, please say to God if HE is exist, help me on my right path. And give me strength to follow the right path, even many bad people make it harder to go on me to follow the right path.

    Please pray to Jesus that God help me in my life, give me happiness in my life, give me healthy long life, open the ways for my rightful & honest earnings, and make my parent healthy.

    Thanks for your time.

    God Bless You Many Times.

    Kind regards,

    Pervez Iqbal


    1. Dear Pervez,
      Life has many challenges. It is meant to because we learn from it. Don’t despair that it may seem difficult at different times. Don’t let your thoughts focus on other people or the jobs you could not get. Focus on being a person of service to the world in the best way that you are capable of and everything will have a way of working out, step by step, and you will feel more peace inside you. I will pray for you too.


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