Love and goodwill help to soothe the pain of human hurt and ease the complexities of ongoing existence. They help us to move forward in life, accepting the altered routes and enthusiastically embracing new terrains. We learn to accept change graciously. Who did what to who is a trifling matter compared with preserving a stable and peaceful mind. In this way, all change will be to our benefit and will be an advancement in our capacity to fulfil our potential. Life will reward us with love, respect, and success. There is never a day when the world is not asking us for our caring, courageous love. If we share that love freely and bravely, we will always have love returned to us. The world becomes our home and its inhabitants become our family.

Certainly, it is good for the personal self to have clear goals and a designated path to those goals. However, we work against fulfilling ourselves and our goals by having tunnel vision and insisting on the way we, at least at the moment, want. Numerous ways are possible, many of which we will be unaware of until they materialize.

Life can evolve in a most positive but unexpected manner if we do not resist it and kill its tender beauty with our fears. We all have inner abilities to fulfil, a path to patiently discover, people to connect with who will become pivotal in our life, and a love of certain things which make us feel glad to be alive. Every little step in that direction, every little decision to allow that movement to happen, every brave letting go, and every open embracing will bring us what we need.

My dearest Friend who never departs even when all else do, today I will do my best to know that you are walking with me and those I love. So many things in life I do not know, but this I know. You are there. Just for this moment, I let go of my worries. I release my demands. Whatever life brings to me, I will look for you in it because every time I find you, the warmth of happiness returns. Every time I lose sight of you, the world has little comfort. I prefer the warmth and so that is where I will look.

This article is from Love’s Longing 

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