Who is to know the depth of loyalty and love between people except those involved? The responsibility for the other may be keenly felt. Those who hold that responsibility are our, mostly unknown, heroes and heroines. The spouse who loves their mate through thick and thin, the parents who love their children through the toughest of times, the friend who sees the light in one who everyone else has long since given up on, and the person who sees his suffering neighbour as his sister and brother. These challenges make us braver and wiser.

What could be more important than loving another person? It makes life worthwhile. It gives us meaning and purpose. It stays with us in our soul when the ever-travelling hand of death passes our way. Nothing carries more strength or beauty than love. Nothing carries more capacity to bring growth. It changes us and it changes others. Love is the blood of life, unseen and silent but life-giving.


This article is from Love’s Longing

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