The Grey Mist

At certain times in our life, we can be faced with situations which we seem to get stuck in. If we are conscious enough, we will certainly work on the issues involved but we may still seem to be getting nowhere. All the while, the grey mist has its eyes on us; watching to see how long it can stay and if it can find its way deeper into our veins. We lose our joie du vie. We struggle to settle into our normal activities. We have to force ourselves to enter our daily life. Depending on our body type, we can lose or gain weight. Our favourite illnesses and injuries will have a tendency to start playing up as if the grey mist knows exactly where to go for the greatest effect. We will lose our creative impetus and our entire being can have a stubborn emptiness.

Painful problems have a tendency to stack onto related material already stowed in our consciousness. If a current situation is particularly painful for us, it will probably be attached to painful events in our past. This exacerbates the pain and works against healing and resolution. No one enjoys digging into the traumas of their past and if it is not necessary then it is usually best to leave well enough alone. However, if life decides that it is going to bring to our attention certain material from the past then if we want to get better, we have no choice but to go there. It’s not hard to work out the related offending matter. We only need to look at the memories that our thoughts and fears gravitate towards.

Emotional Release

From a young age, I suffered from migraine headaches. Any poor migraine-afflicted person knows that they are not normal headaches that you can take a few painkillers for and carry on with life. They wipe you out. Some years before I understood the way that the psyche heals, I noticed that something strange seemed to happen when I would be sick. It was as if a floodgate of emotion opened under the umbrella of severe pain. Always painful emotion – hurt, anger, sadness, grief, fear. After some hours, both the illness and the emotion seemed to settle at the same time and I would not only feel physically better but the whole process seemed emotionally cleansing. I would feel lighter and often happier.

What I was yet to learn was that physical pain tends to bring up our unprocessed emotional pain. Under the guise of pain, we often feel excused in allowing emotional turmoil to surface. Normally, even as a child, I did not wish to burden others with my problems. I almost never expressed anger or negativity. It all went inside me, forming into a nice, little headache. Happily, those days have long since passed and one of the first things I learned on the spiritual path was how to avoid illness by dealing with emotions before they turned into physical problems.

The Invisible Ones

Sometimes, things heal quickly, even instantly, as soon as the real problem is recognized. Sometimes, it takes longer. It is always worth it. Walking the path of healing takes courage. To some extent, we have to go alone. Although those who love us can watch from a distance, they cannot enter territory which only permits one person. Once inside, however, we find that we are not as alone as we thought. Those who have been before us leave their pointers. Also, there are many invisible ones who watch us. When I was younger, I sometimes put a photo of my deceased father next to my bed and it connected me with my father’s love and with the diverse spiritual world. Further, those connected to us on Earth will have a tendency to move towards us so that destiny continues to unfold in its own exciting, surprising, and beautiful way.

Premature Fixing

We cannot jump from partially understanding our thinking to immediately pushing our problems into the fixed basket. We have to watch and work with our thoughts. We have to recognise thought patterns in ourselves and in other people. We have to understand where our thoughts come from, what they mean, and why they made an appearance in our life. Without this sort of delving, our thoughts are predominantly still hidden, gaining momentum in the dark, and powerful by virtue of secrecy. Often, it is helpful to get assistance from someone who has walked the path and knows what they are talking about or, at least, is further ahead than us. After a while, the whole thing becomes so automatic that we can mostly do it ourselves.

Somewhere along the way, there develops within the soul a yearning that can no longer be ignored, a craving for the great Love affair. We feel it drawing ever closer. It is the greatest of them all. It cannot fail. It is all-consuming. It is incomparable. It is the love affair with our own true nature and the source from which it comes. The desire is in all of us but, more often than not, it is ignored for other interests. We wrestle with each interest, trying to make it work, growing with each adventure until the light has grown bright enough for us to reach for it.

Human love is the shadow of the Great love; its child. And of all human loves, it is romantic love which has the most riveting effect upon our soul. Ageless and perennial, it is forever finding an outlet in poetry, music, dance, story-telling, and the media. We never tire of it. It commands attention at so many turns, such is the longing for its presence in our life. It is not by accident that it has such an unfailing pull on our psyche. If we cannot connect with visible human love, we will not be able to find the invisible Love. Human love is leading us, most of us unknowingly, straight to the divinity of our own nature. And that nature leads us, in turn, to the source of life itself.

We love with all our heart, in every way that we can love, but the heart is not burdened. We learn to keep it light and pliable. It has space. It breathes. It waits on Life to give instructions. It sings with sweetness when the winds are soft and warm. It stands with calm patience when the storm is brewing. It lets go when death and seeming endings have left their irrefutable mark. It moves. It heals. It hopes. It allows Life to be lived in the safe, fertile, and still inner space where it grows stronger and more compelling every day.

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