The Grey Mist

At certain times in our life, we will be faced with situations which we seem to get stuck in. It is often relationship break-downs, but it can be other things as well. If we are conscious enough, we will certainly work on the issues involved but we may still seem to be getting nowhere. All the while, the grey mist has its eyes on us, watching to see how long it can stay, and if it can find its way deeper into our veins. We lose our joie du vie. We struggle to settle into our normal activities. We have to force ourselves to enter our daily life. Depending on our body type, we can either lose or gain weight. Our current favourite illnesses, injuries, and body weaknesses will have a tendency to start playing up as if the grey mist knows exactly where to go for the greatest effect. We will lose our creative impetus and our entire being seems to have a stubborn emptiness.

Painful problems have a tendency to stack onto related material already stowed in our consciousness. If a current situation is particularly painful for us, it will probably be attached to painful events in our past. This exacerbates the pain and works against healing and resolution. No one enjoys digging into the traumas from their past and if it is not necessary then it is usually best to leave well enough alone. However, if life decides that it is going to bring to our attention certain material from the past then if we want to get better, we have no choice but to go there. It’s not hard to work out the related, offending matter. We only need to look at the memories that our thoughts and fears gravitate towards.

Sometimes, things heal quickly or even instantly, as soon as the real problem is recognized. Sometimes, it takes longer. It is always worth it. Walking the dark place of healing takes courage. We have to go alone. Although those who love us can watch from a distance, they cannot enter territory which only permits the owner. Once inside, however, we find that we are not as alone as we thought. Those who have been before us leave their pointers. Also, there are many invisible ones who watch us. Further, those individuals who share Earth at the same time as us and are connected to us will have a tendency to move towards us at the right time so that destiny continues to unfold in its own exciting, surprising, and beautiful way.

This article is from Love’s Longing 

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