Breathing Into Life

Common Centre

Before taking up ballroom hold, man and woman stand several feet apart, preparing to dance. The man indicates he wishes his female to step towards him and she responds by walking to him. They both find their common centre and then when all is right, they move together.

No dance teacher has ever told me to do the following but I noticed that I do it naturally. I automatically breathe in when I am preparing to walk in and then when we come together I breathe out. It’s as if I am breathing myself into the other person’s body and auric field, and also into the combined energy field. Actually, it’s not as if I am breathing myself into that space. It is, in fact, exactly what I am doing and what, I suspect, some other dancers may do unconsciously. If I don’t do it then I feel disconnected from the person I am dancing with and I find that it is harder for me to read what he is asking me to do.

Spiritual Healing

I do a version of the same thing in spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is similar to reiki. I put my hands on the person’s energy centres. The energy centres are used simply because it is a direct way of communicating with the person’s psyche, although you could put your hands anywhere on the person and it would still have a similar effect. I breathe in, energetically speaking, the healing power of the invisible Divine. Then I breathe out and into the other person. In normal everyday life, of course, I do not move into other people’s energy fields. Firstly, it is way too intrusive. One has to be invited. Secondly, I wouldn’t last very long. Constantly merging with other people’s, generally, unbalanced energy fields would be exhausting. One has to only answer what is ours to answer.

Sometimes, when working with a healer, a person can heal instantly. Whatever problem they came with can disappear before they walk out the door. In such situations, it is a combination of the person’s openness, the already working through of the problem, the capability of the healer to connect with the healing forces and destiny.

The timing of a healing is not the healer’s concern nor the person’s. We do our best and the rest is up to things beyond our control. Definitely, if we keep moving in the healing direction, things will change in a beneficial way and we grow in many ways we would not have imagined. The intention to get well adds much fuel to our progress. We will often seek help at the tipping point of a problem when it seems the darkest but, actually, dawn is just over the horizon.

This article is from Dance: A Spiritual Affair

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