Heart’s Desiring

We are drawn to the Truth by wisdom and pushed to it by suffering. However, it is mainly the suffering that motivates people, at least, until enough momentum is gained.

Normal human fights are between two people both vying for their own way or for supremacy of position or for something they want. If we take away the egoic motivation of one of those people and replace it with a sincere desire for the betterment of the other even if the cost is emotional stress, humiliation, loss of something treasured or loss of the relationship then we have a situation where it is conflict between the higher and the lower self of the focal person, not conflict between two people. The desired result is for the higher side of the individual to win over the lower. The older soul will play the role of advocate for the higher if the fight will otherwise probably be won by the lower. Continue reading “Heart’s Desiring”

What Are We Afraid Of?

On the opposite end of the scale to the needy person is the excessively non-needy person. They have their own problems. Usually, the reason that the person is non-needy is because they have put a lot of effort into protecting themselves from other people, generally for good reason. They have learned that emotional independence is an effective means of protection. Continue reading “What Are We Afraid Of?”