One afternoon, I was walking to the cafe feeling somewhat glum. As I walked through the door, a woman caught my attention and I sat near her and her friend. She was probably in her late forties but easily looked ten years younger. She wore a simple grey T-shirt and comfortable jeans which, somehow, looked fantastic without trying. She had lovely posture and effortlessly sat upright in her chair. Her short, brown hair was cut in an unfussy, sassy hairstyle. She was slim but healthy and strong, almost, androgynous. She had no makeup on but her face was beautiful. It was not beautiful like a model. It was beautiful because everything was well proportioned and it radiated a sweet, natural innocence and, simultaneously, a calm, mature groundedness.

I kept looking at her. Fortunately, they were so engrossed in their conversation that they took no notice of me. The woman and her friend were both shiatsu therapists. She listened attentively to everything her friend was saying. Mostly, she was just warmly and calmly paying attention to her friend. She was encouraging when she felt it was helpful. However, she was definitely no pushover. Whenever she felt her friend needed to understand something better, she would say it quietly and clearly, as one with authority. The whole conversation was relaxed, yet, so interesting. It seemed like nothing much was happening but, actually, a lot was happening. I no longer had the heavy feeling and my normal energy was returning. The woman’s energy had helped to realign my own.

We may not even realise where our energy is going but, if we have good energy to spare, it travels outwards to our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. The stronger the energy field of the individual, the greater their magnetic field. It will engender respect. The mental climate we create through our thoughts not only has a great impact on our own happiness, safety, and well-being but it also has a significant impact on those around us. If we would like that impact to be positive, we must keep checking our weather reading and readjusting its outlook.

This article is from Love’s Longing

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  1. Great post and so true! We are connected and can be healed just by being near such enlightened folks, and then become inspired ourselves and do likewise.

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