Spiritual Teachers

Genuine teachers tend to have, in true Zen master style, high expectations of their students. Teachers, worth their salt, take the responsibility of their students very seriously. They do not want to be held responsible for failing to set their standards high enough. As one evolves, one loses concern for being liked. One’s concern, as a teacher, is the evolution of the student. Continue reading “Spiritual Teachers”

The Process of Change

Chemicalization of thought is a metaphysical term referring to the mental and physical disturbance that frequently accompanies the process of change. It happens when loaded thoughts, emotions, and past events start to surface from the basement of our consciousness. Although not particularly enjoyable and often downright distressing, this process is immensely helpful in bringing to our awareness those thoughts that need healing and elevating. Continue reading “The Process of Change”

The Intelligent Questions

The Two Intelligent Questions of Metapsychiatry are:

  1. What is the meaning of what seems to be?
  2. What is what really is?

The message of Dr. Hora was first and foremost that problems have meanings. What are our problems telling us? Physical symptoms and other problems have corresponding thoughts. If we are able to understand these corresponding thoughts, we will have uncovered the meaning of our problems. Continue reading “The Intelligent Questions”

Mind Reading and Psychic Ability

Mind reading and psychic ability, when they have come from a genuine spiritual interest, are for the purpose of good. They are not intrusive, destructive or condemnatory. Their intention is to help, heal, and clarify. They tend to grow naturally for the spiritual student, along with an insightful understanding of human nature. They are demonstrated in a variety of ways from the simple to the substantial such as:

Continue reading “Mind Reading and Psychic Ability”