Being Psychic

Mind reading and psychic ability which have come from a genuine spiritual interest are for the purpose of good. They are not used in an intrusive, destructive, or condemnatory way. The intention is to help and heal. Extra sensory abilities tend to grow naturally for the spiritual student, along with an insightful understanding of human nature. They can occur in a variety of ways from the simple to the substantial such as:

  1. Knowing who is on the phone before answering it (this article was written before the time of our mobiles telling us who is ringing 🙂 ).
  2. Unexpectedly thinking or dreaming of someone and then having that person contact us.
  3. Knowing what someone is going to say or do.
  4. Knowing what someone really means when they say something even if it is the opposite of what they have just said in words.
  5. Having an insistent feeling when something is not right. Some years ago, I went on a five-day spiritual retreat to Alice Springs in the desert country of central Australia. At dawn, on the first morning, I climbed up the Macdonnell Ranges on my own. They were within metres of the place I stayed. They are not very high, only several hundred metres. They are red, rocky, old, and grand. It was very quiet and still. The rock wallabies were keeping an eye on me from a distance. I climbed right to the top and could then see down the other side of the range into the town of Alice Springs. The sun on the great expanse of ranges and desert land was intensely light and beautiful. As always in that part of the world, there was a vast, glowing sky. Everywhere I looked was immense and glorious. It was beauty and spiritual power in its most raw form.
    During that first day, the group had several meditations. In the meditations, I had a strange experience of feeling like I was falling down a cliff. Later that day, I told the retreat leader about it. She asked me what sort of cliffs they were. I told her that they were red and rocky like the ones I had seen that morning. She explained that a few days ago someone had fallen down one of the cliffs in the very area where I was walking. The person was still in hospital in a serious condition. I then knew that it was a request for prayer from the person who was recovering. I also felt it was a request from the mountain, as nature does not like to carry the memory of an accident. I worked on it for a day and then the feeling left me and I was not troubled about the situation anymore.
  6. Listening to messages and warnings not originating from our own thought. One day, when I was seven months pregnant with my youngest child and walking my German shepherd, I became frightened by the aggressive behaviour of another dog who seemed to be escaping from his property. To avoid the dog, I was going to cross a busy road without looking properly. Just before stepping onto the road, an inner voice said commandingly, Stop! I stopped. Two seconds later, a car zoomed past, inches away from me. I was shocked. My intention was to cross the road. An intuitive message had saved us all. I walked home to my young family in awe.
  7. Knowing whether to trust someone or not, even though you may have only just met the person. Many years ago on arriving in a new community, I was instantly struck by a sense of friendship upon being introduced to a woman there. I was drawn to her warmth but, more than that, I felt I knew her well. I wanted to say something like, Oh, how lovely. Now we are both here. Of course, one cannot say that to a stranger so I settled with a barely contained, “Oh, you are nice!” which was not really appropriate either.
  8. Passing people on the street and sensing their energy, either good or not so good.
  9. Receiving ideas and instructions in our sleep and having visits from people while we are asleep. The visitors may be living individuals, passed on souls, or spiritual beings. They may give advice or suggestions. Sometimes, simply the memory of their presence will spark an idea or give an answer to a question that was being pondered. They may bring love and reassurance.
  10. Sensing someone’s jealousy. We are a great deal safer once we have learned to listen to our inner voice about who is jealous of us and who wishes us harm. When this is understood, we are able to protect ourselves more effectively, and we can work on forgiving the other person who is acting out the normal human drama. Many people endure relentless jealousy from relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. They are not able to adequately protect themselves because they feel that their instinct must be wrong and that the person couldn’t be thinking that way about them. Jealousy always seeks to harm in proportion to its intensity. It makes no difference if the person is conscious or not of their jealous intent. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Ignorance and naivety are dangerous.
  11. Sensing the presence of an animal spirit. Our family has always had dogs, in fact, a pack of dogs. Several years had passed since my first German shepherd had died and, at that stage, I wasn’t planning on getting another. However, I started to have a recurring dream about a German shepherd that I didn’t know. Soon after, when my preschool son and I were out, he pointed to a sign that I hadn’t seen and he told me that German shepherd pups were for sale. There was no picture on the sign and my son couldn’t read but, somehow, he not only knew what the sign said but he also knew it was important to tell me. I hadn’t mentioned anything about another dog to him. As it turned out, one of those pups became ours.
    A year or so after the pup arrived, it was time for one of our old dogs to move on. He was a wonderful, faithful little dog who had been a best friend to my oldest son during his childhood and had since taken on guard duties with my much younger son. I came downstairs early in the morning and went to let the dogs out, as usual. The old dog was lying on the floor unconscious and I could see that he had been there for a while. As soon as I saw him, I knew it was time for him to go. I stroked him and told him, “Don’t be afraid to go, old friend. You’ve done a wonderful job. Thank-you so much for all you have done for us, for loving us, and being a beautiful friend.” His breathing changed and he seemed to relax. I went to get dressed so that I could take him to the vet but when I came back downstairs, he was gone. He had waited to say, Good-bye, I love you all but I have to go now. He seemed to be also waiting for me to reassure him that there was nothing to be afraid of.

These experiences could come from psychic awareness, an acute understanding of human nature, or Divine inspiration. Extrasensory abilities are naturally developed within us by being more receptive to the subtle and finer messages constantly around us. We all have extrasensory, as well as sensory faculties. We can all learn to intelligently assess human nature. We all are spiritual beings, at home in the domain of inspired thought.

This article is from The Love of Being Loving

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