The Intelligent Questions

The Two Intelligent Questions of Metapsychiatry are:

  1. What is the meaning of what seems to be?
  2. What is what really is?

The message of Dr Hora was first and foremost that problems have meanings. What are our problems telling us? Physical symptoms and other problems have corresponding thoughts. If we are able to understand these corresponding thoughts, we will have uncovered the meaning of our problems. All problems – physical, mental, emotional, experiential – are reduced to the thoughts which essentially make up the problem. Far from being a handicap, our problems are our guideposts. They point out the many ways in which our thoughts are founded on unhelpful, incorrect, and harmful concepts. Once the meaning of our problems is understood, we can spiritually correct our thinking. This change in thought will inevitably bring some sort of healing. Healing will manifest in a more beautiful, calm, healthy, loving, and beneficial life.

Fundamentally, thought is energy. It is the energy which creates our human experiences. Some ideas prove to be helpful in our lives such as love, happiness, peace, and intelligence. They help us to prosper. Some ideas prove to be troublesome in our lives such as selfishness, fear, jealousy, and anger. They cause us to suffer. In understanding the meaning of our problems, it helps to be aware of what we cherish, what we hate, and what we fear. These three factors will be magnets for all sorts of experiences. If we cherish spiritual good then the level of conscious contact with divine Love will be high. Recognising what is cherished, hated, and feared will help us to clarify the underlying thought patterns of any illness or problem.

At the human level, there are problems. These problems have meanings. Understanding the meaning of our problems helps us to spiritually progress. Meanings are the mental equivalent of a problem. They are the thoughts we hold in consciousness which are responsible for our human experiences. How do we uncover a meaning? It takes spiritual intuition, a mature understanding of human nature, honesty about what we are really thinking and feeling, and a willingness to be embarrassed. One of the greatest difficulties for mankind is the inbuilt desire to protect the ego by any means possible. In order to heal, one must first be willing to let go of the desire to protect the ego by instinctive and, often, relentless denial. Spiritual healing requires honesty, humility, lack of pretension, and the ability to receive inspired direction from Mind. Eventually, we come to see life from a higher level, from the divine perspective of what really is. This is what our spiritual journey is all about. To understand what really is requires a sincere desire to see the good of God at all times, in all of life.

Who Am I Angry At?

One of the main problems that Dr Hora helped me to understand and heal was migraine headaches. The headaches were my barometer. They told me when something was wrong with my mental and spiritual equilibrium which, at the beginning, was all the time. The headaches alerted me to the areas in my life which needed healing. Dr Hora suggested that I ask myself a question whenever I had a headache. The question was to help me understand the meaning of my experience of physical pain. It was, Who am I angry at? At first, I could not think of anyone. That was, however, simply because I was not yet aware enough of my thoughts to know that I was angry with a number of people and very angry with a few people in particular.

When I became more aware and realised the extent of my anger, I went on to consider my anger was perfectly justified, as most people who are angry will tell you. One of the most important lessons we learn on the spiritual path is that we cannot be angry with anyone without hurting ourselves. What a hard lesson that is for most of us. We are so very reluctant to give up our blaming, our righteous indignation, our hurt and anger. However, when we realise that our suffering is in direct proportion to our anger, we may have the wisdom and good sense to let it go so that it is not within our conscious or unconscious thoughts anymore. The headaches were gradually healed until even the memory of them held no more fear or reality.

The Love of Being Loving is about awakening and expanding our spiritual consciousness. It is also a personal journey. However, that which is elevating for a single consciousness is also elevating for human consciousness as a whole. There are no secrets. Nothing is withheld by God. Yet, it is only by our own sincere searching, the evolutionary stage we have reached, and the grace of God that we come into contact with spiritual pathways and teachers that are right for us at any particular time. This book is based on the metaphysical teachings of two spiritual paths and their corresponding founders: Dr Thomas Hora of Metapsychiatry and Mary Baker Eddy of Christian Science. The ideas expressed have a universal quality. Spiritual principles, if true, are true for everyone. That is the yardstick that validates their authenticity. Authentic spiritual ideas also have the universal power to heal. Healing is the building block of both individual and collective spiritual evolution. 

This edition of The Love of Being Loving has many quotes from Thomas Hora and Mary Baker Eddy and also a few other relevant teachers. The quotes lived with me for the years that I studied both spiritual disciplines and were foundational to my learning. They are at the end of each chapter.

Love and Devotion is a two-book nonfiction series. The first book, in the series, is The Love of Being Loving. It is about the earlier adult years of my spiritual development. Dr Thomas Hora (Metapsychiatry) and Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science) were the most significant influences on my spiritual path during my twenties and thirties.

The second book is The Love of Devotion. In my forties, I started reading a series of metaphysical books by Dr David R. Hawkins. I realised that they were having a potent impact on my growth and Dr Hawkins became my next spiritual teacher. Dr Hawkins (Devotional Nonduality) and Dr Hora came from very similar spiritual and intellectual terrain. We are drawn to a certain field of truth which resonates with our inner leanings. My interest in understanding thought drew me to teachers who also had a deep interest in human consciousness.

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