Love’s Longing: The Great Love Affair

Video 1 – The Great Love Affair

To find the great Love we must, one way or another, die the great death. There is no easy way of doing it. The difficulty is equalled by its importance. However, we do have a choice and only enter this path when we want to and we can leave it if we wish. On entering the path, we begin to die before we die and we then live in a way that cannot die. Once that death is conquered, we won’t have to die again. We become acquainted with the people who have the magic to break the icy fingers of the great death. Eventually, we become one of those people.


How does one explain the love of the Divine and the love for the Divine? It is in the child we have raised, the man or woman we have loved, the brother or sister we have watched for years, the tears we have wept wondering when they will end, the happiness that has crept over us like the breaking dawn, the garden we have breathed life into, the dogs we have adored, the home we have cherished, the work we have nurtured, and the life that has found its way from the back alleys of our mind to the visible demonstration it has become. It is every look and every thought.

We move in Life and Life flows in us. Every soul is at some point of bringing this connectedness into its conscious awareness. Along the way, there develops a more pressing yearning for it. For a long time, we see that yearning as the longing for human love. It is; but it is also more, much more. All love is good, and all love leads to the same place.

The soul must first realize that something seems to be missing before it can, one day, know that nothing was missing at all. At some stage in the evolution of our consciousness, our internal pain will take on a certain unrelenting quality. It will not be relieved by the many conventional ways. When the ground is ready, a particular sort of person may enter our life.


We may seek them out. We may run to them or we may run away from them, never being able to run too far without returning. Perhaps, they were there all along but we didn’t see them. Now, we see them. That person helps to awaken in us the longing not only for relief but for meaning and happiness.

They embody a higher type of love that we crave, although, we may not yet recognize that we long for it. They touch a part of us that is not even seen by others, let alone caressed by others. They seem normal, and yet somehow, they are not. Such a person is a carrier of the great love affair with our own divinity. They have the great Love inside them and then, without choice or unchoice, they become a channel for spreading that love and healing.

If we do not yet see our own divinity, such a person will substitute for God and draw us in, ever deeper, until we can no longer resist the pull. They seem irresistible to someone who is ready for them. We generally see the pull as personal and it is personal to an extent; otherwise, it would not be recognizable to most people. However, in its most potent form, it is the transcendent, nonspecific love of God’s immense life-force. What we can see and feel in that person, we cannot yet recognize without the presence of form. So God uses the form of such people to draw in those who are ready to progress.

When we fulfil our potential and our destiny as a seeker and guide, we feel at peace with ourselves and our progress. If we run away from what is inside us, we will tend to get sick, feel unhappy, feel a great pressure inside us or any manner of other unpleasant occurrence. This is true for everyone, regardless of their role in life.

The lover of God is paid in many ways. He or she is paid by the beauty, loyalty, strength, kindness, and love of those who are drawn to them. Those drawn have often mastered life in many aspects before they seriously look for something else. They can have outstanding qualities and abilities. However, as wonderful as these individual qualities are, there is something else incomparably more valuable. The stakes are very high in any such venture. The payment is also very high.


There is the never stated but nonnegotiable payment of the person’s heart and a part of their soul. Without the seeker paying with this commodity, the whole thing will not work. Whatever people may say or omit to say, it is very obvious if someone is paying with their heart and part of their soul. Although very damaging if this is paid to the wrong person, it is, nevertheless, essential payment to the right person. If the person doesn’t pay with the most precious and valuable thing they have then they are neither entitled to the help nor will they benefit from it.

This is mirrored in couple relationships in life. If two people become a bonded partnership and they do not truly give their heart to the other – to be broken, fixed, moulded, nurtured, and transformed – the partnership is null and void. The deal is never really signed by both parties. It is not a binding contract. It can be reneged fairly easily and it will never have the benefits of a contractual heart relationship.

Of course, one must be extremely careful about ever giving one’s heart and, even more so, part of one’s soul to anyone. However, given to the right person, it is the entrance price and the ticket to freedom. Having said that, the heart can recover from a giving away that the person later wishes to rescind.

Although part of the soul is given in order that it can soften and grow, the soul essentially always remains in the overriding and binding agreement between God and the individual who owns it. When it is temporarily and partially given to the right sort of guide, it will be returned as quickly as possible. It will never be used for any reason other than the person’s genuine benefit. And it will have the great benefit of being protected and nurtured by an older soul until the younger soul is stronger and more resilient.

Efficacy of Learning

The driving motivation of a spiritual teacher is to show that while the extent of human problems is understood, there is a different way of seeing life. A guide can come in many human forms and, to an extent, people do this to each other all the time. In its more intensive form, it is generally very challenging. One cannot expect such a person to behave in a normal, human manner. They will sometimes be infuriating because they will tend to know us better than ourselves. And they won’t waste time in telling us. Such people will often intentionally say the very annoying thing that reaches right to the heart of an issue. They are looking for efficacy of learning and so will go for the most sensitive place that they feel the other can handle in order for that person to effectively make progress.

Although they may seem to read our mind very accurately, we will often be at a loss to read theirs. The situation will be scary because so much of our internal, hidden stuff will come to the surface in order to be worked on and processed. All the emotion attached to that stuff will also surface, sometimes, with the fury of a hurricane.

One has to be brave to take on this sort of situation but often there is no viable choice because the hand of fate has already dealt its play. It is very challenging for the person who puts him or herself in this position. It is generally lack of a workable alternative which will keep the person there. It is not that the person cannot easily go away but what would they go away to? When one knows that all the life alternatives are faulty and riddled with holes then it gives the momentum to keep going through difficult patches. And one is greatly blessed for the courage that this takes. We are drawn to the Truth by wisdom and pushed to it by suffering. However, it is mainly the suffering that motivates people, at least, until enough momentum is gained.


Conflicts with such people are not like average interpersonal conflicts. Normal human fights are between two people both vying for their own way or for supremacy of position or for something they want. If we take away the egoic motivation of one of those people and replace it with a sincere desire for the betterment of the other even if the cost is emotional stress, humiliation, loss of something treasured or loss of the relationship then we have a situation where it is conflict between the higher and the lower self of the focal person, not conflict between two people. The desired result is for the higher side of the individual to win over the lower. The older soul will play the role of advocate for the higher if the fight will otherwise probably be won by the lower.

Video 2 – Guides and Teachers

Point of Change

When I let people into my personal life, I look carefully to see if they will be able to tolerate being there. It is not exactly me that they must tolerate. It is the inner issues and consequent inner work that will unavoidably come up for them. I have a clear question that automatically appears if someone wishes to be in my life. It is, “Will he or she cope? Are they close enough to the point of change to make the great effort and struggle worth it? Unless I feel the person has enough internal toughness to cope with what will come up and also that their level of pain is high enough to push them through it, I do the person the favour of politely not accepting their offer. They do not realize I am saving them pain which will end up going nowhere because they are not ready.

Love and Perseverance

The other deciding factor is love. Pain and endurance are not enough. They are the staple food that will keep the whole thing moving but love is the water. It is first. It is the background of everything else. Without it, the food cannot do its job. Love puts out fires that would otherwise destroy everything. It turns the fuel of lessons into something which can travel around the body giving life. If love isn’t there, nothing will last long. If it is present, there will always be hope and, in the end, it will win. It cannot be beaten. Without it, the train goes nowhere. With it, the train can go anywhere.

It is mysterious how love appears. Who can explain such a thing? The person must, in some way, have that love; love what is my essence, what I am connected to, what I live off. It means that there is something in them which knows that they too are the same essence and live off and are connected to the same energy. The presence of this love is vital and sacrosanct.

Often, of course, it is simply not my destiny or someone else’s to connect in some way. If someone is meant to be in our life, they won’t go away and nor will we. Not for too long anyway. At the first hint of having to look at themselves, most people will have a hissy fit, start blaming, sulk or storm off. If the person has the love, internal pain, intelligence, a certain level of awareness, and if they sense the uselessness of the other options then they will tend to have little choice but to go forward. They will have the incentive to persevere.

This is very good and brings hope to the situation and enough drive to get through the difficult, sometimes really difficult, stages. It is a win all round. We are all blessed. Life keeps evolving. Those we love find their happiness and our soul smiles. People who are already on the same spiritual page as me, do not need me as I do not need them. We can wish each other well and go back into the world to do what we came to do, what makes us happy, and what contributes to our own growth.


When I first became a student of Dr. Hora, I was in awe of his spiritual and psychological knowledge. The first thing that impressed me so deeply was his seemingly magical ability to read people’s thoughts with complete accuracy. The second was his ability to heal and lift consciousness. In his presence, one felt better. One went away from seeing him or talking to him on the phone feeling uplifted, happier, healthier, and stronger. Things really healed. While the second ability was not scary, the first one was scary to most of his students. It definitely warranted respect. One would be foolish not to be nervous of such a thing. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. It was a healthy nervousness.

Although it was always extremely funny when Dr. Hora accurately pointed out someone else’s hidden motives and weaknesses with a few choice words, for most people, it was not funny at all if it was oneself. The thing that made it funny was the accuracy of the comment. The thing that made it not funny for the person was the proclivity for embarrassment. However, that was all part of it. Dr. Hora would frequently say that without embarrassment there is no real recognition of our thoughts and therefore no healing. When we are genuinely embarrassed, a healing is walking one step behind. I must add that Dr. Hora never embarrassed me publicly, probably because I was one of his youngest students, by a few decades, and he would have thought that it was neither necessary nor helpful in the situation.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to read people who are more advanced than us on the spiritual path. We can read people who the same as us or less evolved than us but we have trouble understanding and accurately perceiving those more evolved than us, unless we are close enough. We do not yet have the mental and spiritual facilities to do so. We are generally just stabbing in the dark or projecting our own thoughts and weaknesses. In the same way that a thief knows another thief straight away, a spiritually evolved person also knows another such person instantly.


Guides are, in the broadest sense, anyone who is more evolved than another person and helps that person to progress on their path of evolution. Those who are serious students of life will consciously seek out guides either currently living or through their books. They are at a great variety of levels of consciousness. There is an enormous variance in thought and energy field. All of them are still evolving. They will continue to learn from every experience they have with others, even if what they are learning is not the same as what others are learning in the very same relationship or situation. In this sense, all are equal. All are learning. Each soul is of the same value and importance. Destiny treats each soul as equally worthy.

One only needs to be further ahead than someone else and have a willingness to help them to become, in some manner, a guide for that person. Relationships are complex and it is common that one person will learn and gain one thing from the other, and the other person will learn and gain something different. We all have many different needs just by virtue of living in the human domain. Whenever any of these needs are met, an aware person is grateful. Every situation will bring its own blessings and problems. The blessings will be much appreciated. The problems will become the fuel of further growth for all involved.

In the end, the real guide is ourself and everything always comes back to that. What do we see? What do we understand? What do we love and cherish? What do we fear? What can’t we tolerate? How far are we willing to go? What makes this life worth living? What can’t we live without? What can’t we live with? Supportive and inspiring guides and uplifting spiritual experiences are a gift and a joy; however, it is the daily seeking of peace and the moment by moment practice of honesty, commitment, love, surrender, and courage which carries true spiritual weight. Such is the nature of the spiritual path.

The path is paved with consistent, conscious mental and spiritual alertness and the gradual growth of goodness in our heart and clarity in our mind. We are awake. If we keep trying to understand, we will understand. If we keep telling ourself that we are loved by Life and if we keep looking for evidence of that love, we will find it. It is this practice which will bring us our goal of freedom and happiness. Although it’s the path of the mystic, it is not mysterious. It is very real and knowable. Everything is mysterious until we get to know it.


For those who are sincerely committed to a practice of awareness, it becomes not only a part of their every day but it becomes their everyday. The inner awareness of both self and other and the connection with the Absolute becomes a continuous reality. Although specific periods of quiet will still be sought, the consciousness which was originally only claimed in quiet time takes hold of the person so that it is an ongoing reality. One doesn’t have to intend this, it happens automatically from consistently putting our attention there. This means we are aware, safe, and ready at the command of Life. It is to use one’s life in a conscious and purposeful way.

We are awake and present, not absent and fighting unknown demons. Issues, problems, emotions, and stress will still come and go but they will be the story on top of the underlying ongoing presence. This presence helps to make sense of all problems and helps to resolve them as quickly as possible. In many cases, they are completely sidestepped.


Faith changes us – faith in something intrinsically good, something other than ourselves, something bigger than ourselves. It helps us find our way. It gives us confidence in ideas we previously were afraid of. It picks us up when we have failed. It puts us back on the path. It whispers in our ear. It talks of peace. It talks of possibilities. It loves us so that we can love. In the end, God loves us regardless. Faith is beautiful. It is translucent and simple. It is also truthful. Everything truthful has an intrinsic beauty. It is a recognition of the magnitude of the spiritual dimension to empower, transform, heal, and guide us. It is, at the same time, humble and dignified. It honours our worth. It makes us sweet and open, powerful and commanding. All of us, in essence, carry this beauty and strength in our soul. We are loved and valuable; all souls belonging both to Earth and Heaven.

From Love’s Longing

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    1. Hi Sekhar, thank you for your comment. I am not sure what you could do exactly. Keep practising to be close to God and we will walk in the same direction and then we will get ideas what to do! 🙂 God bless. Be happy.


    1. Hi Wally, sorry to hear that. If you would like to go to my facebook author page you can leave a comment under the Valley Reserve photos or in the visitor post section. Valley Reserve has become very beautiful over the 23 years I lived in Mt Waverley. Best wishes, Donna


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