At a certain point in our evolution, we become masters of our own life. The next stage of our evolution is to use that ability for unselfish purposes. There is not much food in that for the ego. It is an unexciting idea that most people are not very interested in because it’s moving into the realm of genuine love and unconditional service. Continue reading “Grand”

There is a Greatness in You – short story

“I don’t understand,” said Vincent. He looked at Victoria with confusion in his eyes, “I know that you love me. Even if you don’t want to marry me, can’t we just stay together?” It was true that Victoria loved him and she did not doubt his love for her. Not so long ago before there was any talk of marriage, Vincent had suddenly taken her hand and said with stunning sincerity, “I can’t wait to be married to you for a decade to be able to tell you how much I still love you.” Victoria believed him. Yet, love is not necessarily enough. It was not Vincent who would leave her but she who would leave him. Worse, she would leave out of boredom. She did not want to hurt him like that. It wasn’t that she found Vincent boring but boredom is inevitable if we are made for something else. How could she tell Vincent that she was made for something more? He would feel less than the beautiful soul which he was. And so she said little, hoping the pain would soon ease for her dear friend. Continue reading “There is a Greatness in You – short story”

Believing In Ourselves

Many people chastise themselves for not believing in themselves. Such belief is crucial to our development and happiness. However, the common approach to getting it is flawed and won’t help us. Mostly, what people really mean is to believe that they are better than other people, often, particular people known to them. Human nature constantly compares itself to others to work out how it is doing. Our success in this venture will determine our self-esteem. The problem is obvious. Continue reading “Believing In Ourselves”