Gentle Teachers

The gentle teachers of God, often, meet with fierce antagonism and opposition. It may seem incomprehensible as such people never seek to harm. They have the intention to help others find the same love that they have been given. Their motive in doing so is that such love must be shared. It goes with the territory of finding it.

The opposition makes more sense when we understand that it is the nature of the ego to react violently to perceived threats. It is a rightly perceived threat to the ego’s existence and power. Further, the threat is immediate and significant. It should not be taken lightly. We cannot expect there to be no fight. What self-respecting ego is going to give up without a fight? After all, this type of fight is about its very existence or, at least, about loosening the strength of its hold over its relevant person.

The more the ego feels it has to lose, the more violently it will battle and the more reluctant it will be to concede. If only it was capable of knowing that conceding would bring its owner so much happiness but an ego is not capable of seeing such things. The calm and purposeful hand of Life has its own way of bringing even the most resistant ego to its knees. The defeat is worth it because the gain is great.

The ego sees other people as competing egos to be dominated or, alternately, used for its own benefit. It bases its normal communication with others on establishing or strengthening its value and supremacy. When this does not work and after, perhaps, numerous attempts to make it work, it will abort mission and try to eliminate the perceived threat.

Every failed or painful communication invites us to find resolution by entering territory which we would otherwise be reluctant to enter. It is only in the search for answers that we will venture in and find things that we did not know existed or, at least, did not know existed in us. Real communication requires openness, trust, confidence, and generosity of spirit. It is very rewarding but it only comes about when the ego can be put aside in the hope that there will be something else worth the risk of failure and exposure. There is.

This article is from Love’s Longing

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