Because of You

There is a deep-seated belief that we get love from other people and if that is not working for us then we will tend to feel that something is wrong with those who should have or should be providing it for us. If we could but see that in the normal egoic mind, there is always a because of you. The trouble is that the “you” that we are blaming got their pain from another “you”. Most people are in an, at least, partially sinking emotional ship. Few are squarely on dry land. The “you” that we are accustomed to blaming is a victim themselves – if not from someone else then from their own thoughts.

Apart from this, a great deal of our because of you is either incorrectly perceived, inaccurately judged, wildly fallacious or simply a product of our own imagination and fear. It’s often because of me, not you. Blaming people who themselves are victims and inaccurately judging situations covers the vast majority of our blaming regime. It would be wise to reassess.

Our most painful pains have the power to destroy us or transform us. If we so choose, we can alter the lyrics of our repeating mental song. We can have a new melody running through our veins.

Because of you, I have learned to follow my own path no matter where it leads.
Because of you, I have learned that living in fear never keeps me safe and that trust comes from within me, not from anyone else.
Because of you, I have found a different way and in finding it, I have found myself. In finding myself I have also found you.

This article is from Love’s Longing

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