At a certain point in our evolution, we become masters of our own life. The next stage of our evolution is to use that ability for unselfish purposes. There is not much food in that for the ego. It is an unexciting idea that most people are not very interested in because it’s moving into the realm of genuine love and unconditional service. While the ego is not interested in that, the spirit is highly interested. We are then moving into a whole different level of consciousness; a different arena.

Although the ego says, “Boring. Nothing here for me,” this is the place where our soul evolves. It’s the place where we become much more powerful as a spiritual being. We try to continuously draw our thought back to, “Is this loving? Is this of service? Am I being here for God? Am I being here for the divine presence?” There is less of us as an ego. There is more of the spiritual presence. Who is interested in that? Unless you’re a genuine spiritual student and unless you realise that it is the only way to be truly happy in life then there will be little interest in this practice.

Once we realise how flawed normal life is then we start to be willing to give it a try. We learn that it is a very powerful thing to do. It makes us happy and we get so much more ability to create many things in our life. However, we don’t let the ego jump in and say, “Oh, I wanted that and that.” We are a worthy recipient of good things because we are not going to run away with all the goods. God knows that we are evolved enough to not turn everything into an ego trip.

The ego is always looking for support because, essentially, it is very afraid and is constantly failing to give us the happiness it promises. It doesn’t know what it is doing. It has delusions of grandeur that never cease to disappoint. It is a poor guide and companion compared to the spirit, albeit, a loud one. There is a beautiful grandeur in us. If we were to claim it, we would never again turn to the trifling and pathetic attempts of the ego at making us grandiose.

This article is from Love’s Longing


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