Waldmeer: Body


Chapter 22: Fear

Charlie and Maria were headed for the Post Office in Waldmeer one lovely, sunny morning. Their sunniness was interrupted by a lone, male voice and snickering.

“You still kissin’ girls, Charmaine?” The intention was to insult. However, Charlie would have felt it was more insulting to be called, Charmaine. No one called her by her real name. She turned to see who it was.

Charlie groaned to Maria and said under her breath, “Those idiot boys.” Continue reading “Waldmeer: Body”

Waldmeer: Healing

Chapter 19: Daughter

“We are seeing you every weekend, at the moment,” Lucy said to Verloren.

“Yes I have made an ongoing arrangement with Farkas,” said Verloren. Maria’s ears picked up. She didn’t have a good feeling in her stomach. “I am doing a project with his garden and I am going to use it as a feature in one of our magazines. I come to Waldmeer every weekend now as there is a great deal to do and I have very big plans.” Continue reading “Waldmeer: Healing”