Waldmeer: Character and Place Summary


All the characters in Waldmeer are symbolic parts of us. Some characters may have a bigger presence in us. Some may be completely dormant but we will, nevertheless, recognise them all.

  1. Maria/Amira – Amira means one who speaks in Hebrew. The combination of Maria and Amira represents the spiritual path in each of us. It has taken a feminine form through Maria. Amira is the ancient friend and guide. She is our true Self; patiently directing, protecting, loving, and teaching until we are Home.
  2. Farkas – Pronounced Far-kus and means wolf in Hungarian. Farkas came to Waldmeer in the body of an approximate forty-year-old man after visiting the Homeland. As Farkas is so reclusive, we have little understanding of what he actually does or how he perceives his human history. In some ways, Farkas is the most transparent of all the characters even though he is, also, the most guarded. When he is angry, he is straight out angry. Yet, he also has a highly sensitive and gentle spirit which longs to be loved. He is intelligent but it gets muddled by emotional intensity. He is fierce when fired up. Protective but can, the next minute, hurt the very thing he is protecting. He is seductive, both sexually and emotionally. Even though it is often met with a positive response, he rarely takes it up. His raw pain makes him a good candidate for spiritual growth. He is drawn to the spiritual light in Amira, yet, he resists it with everything he’s got.
  3. Gabriel – Sculptor, bisexual, cooperative, warm, and masculine. He is the sort of friend people want and want to keep. He knows how to live in the world in a well-functioning and relatively harmonious manner. He has enough courage to make his own course in life. Gabriel is not consciously on the spiritual path. He is on the path of love. He wants something really valuable in his relationships. He experiments to find it. When the love he has invested in other people is not going well, he can deteriorate into his counter self – controlling in order to get what he wants, withholding, suspicious of other people’s intentions, angry, and sad. His attraction to Maria/Amira demonstrates that he has more of an interest in spiritual love than he realises. His capacity to love in a deeper way will be challenged and we will see what he has inside of him to respond with.
  4. Charlie – Real name is Charmaine. Artist, fiery, warm, loving, emotional, intense, open, capable, interesting, and interested. Charlie is a great friend to Maria. As Charlie is gay, she does not treat Maria with the normal female rivalry and competitiveness that most girls do. However, as Maria is not gay, there is no conflicted interest in the friendship. It is an androgynous friendship because Charlie is an androgynous sort of woman and Maria doesn’t see people as bodies or gender. There is a natural, warm, trusting, humorous, honest love between them that feeds both.
  5. Lucy and Lenny – Maria’s parents. Lucy and Lenny are reliable, ethical, straight-forward, and well-intended. They have a strong work ethic and learn their own lessons, in their own way, as they navigate life in their little world. They are the male and female of that type of person. They are not specifically on the spiritual path but have the capacity to learn and are very decent human beings with a considerable amount of simple wisdom and practical goodwill. They are excellent, stable parents to Maria/Amira who must navigate a far more complicated world of spiritual and human complexities in numerous dimensions.
  6. Verloren Reisenden – Means lost traveller in Hungarian. Verloren is a seeker, but a lost one. It is the part of us that is intelligent, ambitious, energetic, purposeful, engaged, and courageous. It is also self-seeking, vengeful, jealous, manipulative, self-doubting, hungry, and needy. It is when we have enough personal ability and power to get a lot of what we want from life but what we want is misdirected. We keep heading up the wrong path, for the wrong thing, and trying to get it the wrong way. Yet, if we are never lost, how do we even know that there is something to find? We could neither find ourselves nor be found.
  7. Evanora and Rose – Maria has four great aunts belonging to the same family grouping. Evanora represents the darkness and Rose represents the Light. Both sisters are capable of moving between dimensions and, frequently, do so.
  8. Erdo Kapus and Milyaket – Erdo Kapus means forest keeper and Milyaket means angel in Hungarian. Brother and sister in inter-dimensional world. Erdo exists predominantly in the human world and lives as a hermit in the Lelek Forest of Waldmeer. Milyaket lives predominantly in the inter-dimensional world of the Homeland. Both are spiritual forest keepers. Milyaket is the guide of the Vastandamine Forest. They are the male and female of the advanced spiritual teacher. Milyaket is warm, wise, soft, patient, charming, calming, and contemplative. Erdo is more direct, funny, strong, and powerful, although, both carry all these qualities to a large degree.
  9. Head Gardener and The Advisors – The Head Gardener of the Garden of Garourinn and the Advisors of the Homeland have a similar function. They have a great deal of spiritual power and no personal issues to resolve. They have no personal attributes, interests or preferences that are visible to us. Their role is to purely act on behalf of God who is never seen, yet, is everywhere. They head their various dimensions and are imbued with immense love and the sort of justice that comes only from God. Every single bit of evidence and knowledge about any situation or person is available to them. In this way, unlike humans, they have the capacity to be totally fair. As they act for God, they only have love for all. They are the embodiment of wise, non-personal, totally loving leadership.


  1. Waldmeer – Means forest-sea in German. It is an idyllic little, coastal village with stunning natural beauty. It is a place of healing because of its quiet, repetitive rhythm and because it has a spiritual energy which has not been significantly damaged by the outside word.
  2. The Leleks – Lelek means soul in Hungarian. The Leleks are pristine forest in the large national park backing onto and surrounding Waldmeer. They are, also, a gateway to other dimensions.
  3. Eraldus – Means the dividing line in German. The laneways of Eraldus represent the divide between different levels of consciousness.
  4. The North Country/The Garden of Garourinn – The North Country is arrived at by changing dimensions, generally, while walking. It is, often, with the help of a guide. Once the North Country is reached, a pass must be crossed to get to the Garden of Garourinn. The Garden is only accessible to those who have been granted access to it. It seems to change locations. It is a heavenly place with tremendous healing ability. It is a joy to visit and anyone who is given the privilege of entering will benefit greatly in their spiritual progress.
  5. The Homeland/Vastandamine Forest – The Homeland is Heaven. Vastandamine means confrontation in Estonian. The Vastandamine Forest has the magic to bring into one’s experience whatever most needs healing. It is a place of spiritual confrontation.

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