Can You Not Remember?

When did this brutality grow? Can you not remember?
Go back to the place where you left that man dying.
This time you must bring him back with you.

I see you in my dreams. Your face is edged with battle.
I touch your forehead from a distant land.
The Earth glare is so bright. It washes the white memory from your mind.
Have you forgotten we come from the same place?
Settle, settle, peace, peace. Continue reading “Poetry”

Waldmeer: Alamgir

Chapter 55
Conqueror of the World

Amira hadn’t had the nightmare since she was twenty. It hadn’t even crossed her mind in the two years she was living in the city. Now that she was travelling each weekend back to Waldmeer, the nightmare was occasionally returning. It was strange because nothing could be more charming than Waldmeer; going to sleep and hearing the distant sea, waking to the forest birds, walking to the rhythm of the breaking waves. Continue reading “Waldmeer: Alamgir”