Short Stories

I wrote a number of short stories for the first time in 2016. In 2017 some of those stories and their characters took a life of their own and turned into a novel, Waldmeer

  1. There is a Greatness in You – Dec, 2016
  2. How Did He Ever Find You? – Oct, 2016
  3. Another Chance – Sept, 2016
  4. You Didn’t Dress Properly – Aug, 2016
  5. It Will Pass – Aug, 2016
  6. It Was Only Natural – Aug, 2016
  7. The Little Flower That Died (the first chapter of Waldmeer) -July, 2016

Waldmeer: Fame

Chapter 104

Gabriel had started dating again; male and female. He didn’t sleep with any of them. These days, he was too old to imagine that one can sleep with another person without paying the price. He wasn’t willing to pay that price; so he didn’t. Amira had explained to him about her upcoming trip to Los Angeles. In a week, it would be school holidays. She was going to take Marilyn and Bianca with her to the States so that they could see their father. Everything had been arranged. Continue reading “Waldmeer: Fame”

Waldmeer: Hope / Peace


Chapter 98

Teresa had eight, big bags lined up. They were full of her rich-clothes from the years with Arthur. Two by two, she took the bags down the stairs, past her own bookshop, to the Op Shop a few doors away. When the shop assistant started unpacking them and saw the expensive brand names, she looked at Teresa enquiringly. Continue reading “Waldmeer: Hope / Peace”