The Love of Devotion: Chapters 5 & 6


Past Teachers

One never forgets one’s past teachers or disciplines. Such allegiances are forever enshrined in our heart and continue to help, inspire, and mould us. They are pivotal to our development and our total and absolute devotion to them secures the progress which blossoms from that commitment. The cemented bond between teacher and student surpasses time and space, and the love of a teacher can be beckoned whenever requested. Further, one often has an ongoing commitment to the other students of a teacher and, indeed, the entire group of that pathway. Nevertheless, in spite of loyalties, our inner spiritual drive will take its own path through the terrain it determines is best. It will have its own timing and will guide us to whoever is most beneficial to the next stage of our growth. Continue reading “The Love of Devotion: Chapters 5 & 6”

The Love of Devotion: Chapters 3 & 4

Here are the next two chapters of The Love of Devotion (following on from Chapters 1 & 2)


New Relationship

A few years after Dr. Hora’s passing, early one morning just before waking, I felt the presence of two beings in my room. One of them was my friend’s mother. She had passed on the day before. The other was an angelic being. Its radiance was pure, uncontaminated, loving, and powerful without exerting any effort. It had no heaviness of self-centred thought or even self-awareness such as humans have. Continue reading “The Love of Devotion: Chapters 3 & 4”