The Human Experience

The Love of Devotion

Spiritual awareness transfers into our human experience as loving and satisfying relationships, rewarding and remunerative work, trouble-free health, and so on. Good manifests in our human life in creative and unbounded forms. All levels of being harmonise and flow into the expression of goodness and grace.

Material Supply

Like all aspects of the human condition, money is a reflection of a nonmaterial universe. Supply, in any form, is demonstrated according to the law of attraction and our destiny. As energetic beings living in an harmonious and energetic world, it is available and right for the circumstance.

Some years ago, my usual means of paying my children’s private school fees became suddenly unavailable, and it was to remain so indefinitely. A few days before finding out about the aborted income for the school fees, I discovered that I was to receive a totally unexpected inheritance. It came from an uncle who I rarely saw. He was a pensioner and so it was very surprising that he had any money to give to anyone. The inheritance was exactly what was needed to cover two years of school fees for two dependents – a considerable amount. When the two years had elapsed and the inheritance had been used, alternative means for paying the school fees became spontaneously available. Whatever we need can come from wherever it is now.

Translating Things Into Thoughts

In order to elevate our human experience, we translate the material into its spiritual essence. Home is love, peace, and nurturing. Family is spiritual co-habitation, respect, and appreciation for another’s existence. Work is purpose, service, creativity, and usefulness. Money is freedom and generosity. Success is goodwill, energy, intelligence, and initiative. In this way, we will find that supply, in its deepest sense, is ever available. We will also find that it will not have the tendency to turn sour.

Companionship and Love

Companionship, love, and support are everywhere and ever-present. They are the natural outflow of divinity. The greater our sense of primary divine connection, the more easily will these beautiful resources of Life be attracted into our existence. How could it be otherwise since we are reflecting not our own but Life’s wonderful, appealing, and valuable qualities?

We do not have the right to dictate to God in which manner this love will be revealed in our life. We are completely open to all the varied and, sometimes, unexpected ways in which Love will choose to bless us and use us. That is all we will ever need to ensure our happiness. One who knows their connection with divine Love can never feel the isolation of loneliness or the fear of being rejected or deserted. One cannot be apart from or turned away from a Love which knows no parting and is present and available under all circumstances.

No Love is Lovely But the Divine

Much misery in caused in relationships by the expectation that the other person can and should be a personal provider of good for us. This expectation brings an endless array of problems and is one which we need to outgrow as individuals who are seeking freedom from the troubles of the human condition. No person is able to give what only divine Love can give. Relationships, of their own power, cannot give us the love and happiness that really have a Divine, not human, origin. We don’t ask from other people what only God can supply.

All desirable qualities are, in essence, spiritual ideas. Beauty, purity, love, kindness, warmth, joy, humour, creativity, talent, power, intelligence, protection, and forthrightness are expressions of God manifest in the world. We appreciate every lovely quality that comes to us through the life of another but, ultimately, God is the source of all good, not another person. Our connection with others is primarily based on letting the inner spiritual beauty spring forth into life in the many and varied ways it will choose to do so. Our happiness, peace, safety, and individual development is protected and we find that all things will work together for good.

Sexual Expression

Many good people carry with them sexual inhibitions and guilt. Sexual desires are a normal and natural part of being human. Avoidance, fear, guilt, and prudishness about sex have no place in a healthy, balanced perspective on life. Like many people, I grew up with numerous prohibitive and unhealthy concepts about my body and sexuality in general. As a raised Catholic, it almost goes without saying. These concepts were brought to the surface and dispelled much later when I took up ice skating. Like dancing, the world of ice skating is based on a natural feeling that bodies are genuinely beautiful. The body is not a vessel for unwanted or shameful tendencies. It is, in fact, the very instrument which channels the beauty, skill, and wonder of the sport/art form. These ideas helped me to release the outgrown, repressive concepts which I had previously held both consciously and unconsciously.

If we are relaxed, grateful, considerate, and confident then our sexual relationship with our loved one will probably be happy, problem-free, and satisfying for both people or, at least, it will be moving in that direction. We can acquire an attitude to sex which is liberating, caring, and open. From a spiritual perspective, we can enjoy it in the same way that we enjoy every other beautiful and pleasant thing in the human experience – with not too much attachment but not repressive and condemnatory.

The Longing for Oneness

Sex, like everything else, is good or bad, helpful or unhelpful, pleasant or painful, fulfilling or demoralizing based on the thoughts of the participants. Within the context of love, sex is a force for good. For many people, a loving sexual connection is actually the closest they ever get to a transcendent sense of benevolence, bliss, and that feeling of all is well – the closest they get to God. This is because loving, sexual oneness is the shadow of true, spiritual Oneness. As such, it carries with it some of the same elements, some of the same promise. The desire for physical unity is really representative of the deeper desire for spiritual completeness. Within a spontaneous, playful, respectful, and unselfish context sexual closeness is a channel for light but it cannot fulfil our deepest yearnings.

Moving Meditation

As spiritual students, if we wish to, we can use our sexual life with our partner as a moving meditation. Yoga is often referred to as a moving meditation. In yoga, one goes deeply inward, connecting with the Divine while at the same time moving the body in a way that has a beneficial and life-enhancing effect. One does not force the pose or fall asleep. It is awake, reverent attention. Similarly, walking can become an opportunity to move the body easily, graciously, and freely while drawing within to the non-dimensional ease, grace, and freedom which supports the inner Universe. Dancing with a partner becomes a consensual sharing of energy where the two individuals can, ideally, take their cue from the great flowing Movement beyond themselves. Likewise, sex can also become a consensual sharing of body, mind, and spirit. It can be an opportunity to expand the physicality of the experience into the very beat of Life which is always alive, responsive, and fulfilling and has a positive effect on those involved.

Creativity and Beauty

In creative pursuits, we connect with the qualities of our inner being. We open up to the invisible, yet, powerful world of Spirit. It carries with it all the immensity, love, power, wisdom, beauty, and harmony of the Universe. We are part of it. We allow it to flow through us with the beautiful feeling and potency of that which supports the entire world and more. We are a channel for universal energy, passion, and soul. It is energy which explodes into all creative activity. It is passion which gives us courage and unlimited vision. It is soul which moves us beyond our own limited world to see the interconnectedness of all humanity.

This spiritual world is always available to us. We don’t need to make it happen. It is already here. We just need to see it, be part of it, open to it. Even a slight move in that direction is enough for Love to come rushing in. Under the influence of the divine Presence all of our activities became more beautiful, expressive, healing, and uplifting.


Grieving is commonly experienced in the wake of all sorts of apparent losses, not just death. Every time we feel we have lost something of value, we tend to grieve. We deny it. We bargain to try to make the loss less painful. We get angry. We get depressed. We frequently get sick. And if all goes well, we eventually accept it. This is the human process. The spiritual process, however, takes on a different dimension. On losing a friend, I asked healer and author, John Hargreaves, who was my spiritual teacher at that time, to help me get over the grief and sadness. Grief, after all, can be a very painful experience. It is a pain which no medicine can relieve. It comes from a place so deep in our heart that we feel nothing can reach it.

It was pointed out to me that the Infinite One cannot be torn apart from itself. It is our personification of good, our belief that it belongs to a personal identity which makes grief possible. And it is our understanding of universal good, of God’s being everywhere and in everything which heals it. The qualities and abilities which we may miss in someone are not missing from Life. Every beautiful and wonderful quality in someone is abundantly present and waiting to be recognised in all of life’s great symphony.

John said, “Our understanding of our relationship to God makes human relationships subservient to Principle. As the emanation of God we come forth permanently complete. Completeness is not a personal state to lose or regain but results from the fact that we live as the experience of Love itself. How this works out in our life is up to God. We stay in our exalted position which is at peace and from which the unfolding of ideas goes on. We cannot miss out on anything. The Law of Intelligence does not condemn or punish. It is entirely benevolent.”

Moral Freedom

At a certain level of consciousness, we need and benefit from the restraints of moral and ethical boundaries. However, those who have attained a spiritual degree of consciousness have a declining need for these boundaries because they no longer want anything except what is loving, for the highest good, and in everyone’s best interest. The spiritual person has a deep and innately good view of all. They do not have to rely on moral boundaries to protect themselves and others. They do not need artificial constraints to maintain their spiritual progress and clarity. They know that they will be continually guided to respond to life’s issues in ways that can only be good. They have freedom to respond to spiritual ideas, knowing that their motives, thoughts, words, and actions are for the benefit of all and can hurt no one. Their reliance is on Spirit. This is freedom.

Conscience is a legitimate check on thought that may wander into harmful territory. However, when we are in alignment with God, the necessity for our conscience to maintain its unrelenting, guarding position is released. Choices are more frequently made on the basis of spiritual intuition which is a direct link to divine Good. Spiritual intuition encompasses knowledge we may not yet be consciously aware of, for instance, there may be many extenuating circumstances in a situation which we may not know but the divine Mind does.

Each Successive Stage

One evening, I became aware of two important, dawning ideas. The first idea was that it was time to start my practice as a spiritual healer and counsellor. I wished to expand my spiritual influence. The second emerging idea was an unanticipated but definite sense that the purpose of my relationship had been met and that it would not be in either person’s best long term interest to remain life partners. Although my husband and I had been living from a different understanding of life, there had been a sense of purpose, love, and gratitude in the relationship and so it had felt right. We had been able to safely journey through several serious challenges. It seemed that those tasks had been completed. Further, it seemed clear that where we needed to go next would not accommodate us going together.

Neither Married Nor Not Married

When I initially brought up the matter, John Hargreaves wisely advised me:

  1. “You will not find right and wrong within the dream.” This was a reminder to not look for answers in the human drama where they cannot be found.
  2. “Marriage belongs to the time world and is therefore a concession but not the Truth. In the infinite One there is nothing else to marry. This does not mean that you abandon the human but, rather, that the human is found increasingly to be the Divine appearing in a language that is perceptible. The human, imbued with the Divine, begins to lose the human frailty of its basis.” Marriage is a human arrangement. It may be a very good and positive arrangement but it is an aspect of the material world. Within the divine consciousness there is no need for marriage because true marriage or Oneness is with the Divine. There can be no separation from the completeness which is our true and total being. Spiritual truth is a solitary matter.
  3. “Take this step by step. Do not outline or feel that you have some great decision to make but know that God is not separate from the wisdom that the all-wise bestows and remember that at every level of experience, the only law is that of divine Love insisting on the highest good. This may mean being together happily or going different ways. There is nothing sacrosanct about either course.”

The Dawn of Ideas

Everyone is a unique expression of God, with a unique life path. As such, life’s decisions are a matter between each individual and God. They will be spiritually and humanly worked out, step by step. As with all of life’s decisions, the essential requirements to move ahead in a beneficial way are honesty, love, unselfishness, a desire for good in everyone’s life, lack of ill-will, disregard of what other people think of us, and courage. With these qualities on board, the best solution will be reached to everyone’s eventual benefit.

In my last contact with John a short while before his passing, he said, “Remember that nothing has ever taken place as person. It is always that you are divinely shedding some aspect of the human mind, which you have outgrown. Keep it all impersonal. Nothing is ever present as person but always as God-being. Always begin with God, not man. There is no personal ego and never was.”




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