Content Creators

Nowadays, most writers could more accurately and broadly refer to themselves as content creators. We still write, but not just books. We also write blogs, poetry, and short stories. We use our creativity, combined with easily available technology, to turn ourselves into photographers (with varying success). We make videos and, out of necessity, often become the starring actor, director, camera team, and makeup/costume department. We have had to broaden our skills and have an open mind about all the forms of communication that are constantly expanding. We are repaid by never knowing which doors may be unexpectedly opened to us. In extending ourselves, we have been given a greatly extended entrance into the world.

My website has been updated so that it is now easier to navigate. The new menu has a drop-down with the main topics I create content about – spirituality, healing, relationships, dancing, and writing. It is easier to find articles and videos about these topics. The site is ad-free and is available for anyone who would like to use it. I would love you to visit.

I would love your thoughts.