Circles of Separation: Imperfect

Relationships are valuable for healing and learning how to love.

Chapter 18: Undying

Thomas and Kathleen were sitting in their favourite city restaurant, the Afghan Light. They were enthusiastically discussing Thomas’s new retirement plan. Kathleen was very pleased with Thomas’s decision and felt it would do him the world of good. Thomas had mixed emotions – excitement and terror, serenity and emptiness. Every time he would veer towards one of the more unproductive feelings, Kathleen would remind him that he had achieved so much at school but now it was time for something new and wonderful. Continue reading “Circles of Separation: Imperfect”

Circles of Separation: Outer Circle

The Dream Maker is here by consent of every person who ever came here.

Chapter 15: Scammers and Scanners

“When you enter the Outer Circle,” said Lan-Lan to Vera, “the most pressing problem is recall. On moving into its atmosphere, you will forget who you are and why you are there.”

“If I cannot remember who I am, I will be very vulnerable,” said Vera as she backed away from the entrance at the top of Long Hill. Continue reading “Circles of Separation: Outer Circle”

Circles of Separation: Play Nice

We must know who we are and where we are.

Chapter 13: In This Together

Since leaving Ide, Farkas had been staying in a motel, ten minutes outside of Waldmeer. Contrary to his initial hypothesis that after the first night, every night would be easier, every night was getting more depressing. He decided to take a drive into the Leleks. Maybe, the forest would help. He had to pass back through Waldmeer and stopped for coffee. The coffee shop was next door to the Opportunity Shop. On seeing it, Farkas went back to his car to get several bags which had been travelling with him, in his boot, for months. Continue reading “Circles of Separation: Play Nice”

Circles of Separation: Someone Loves You

There is so much more.

Chapter 10: Emperors and Kingdoms

Since Gabriel had been living in Waldmeer, he had not seen Thomas. They no longer had their styling/shopping sessions as Gabriel was no longer in the city. In Waldmeer, their circles didn’t intersect. Thomas’s world consisted, almost entirely, of school-related people and events. Kathleen, Thomas’s ex-girlfriend, was the only person he saw who did not belong to school. This morning, Gabriel saw Thomas walking out of the supermarket. At least, he thought it was Thomas but he had to do a double-take to be sure. Thomas looked like he had aged five years in six months and had, unfortunately, reverted to his old man’s dress code which aged him a further ten years. Continue reading “Circles of Separation: Someone Loves You”