Faith: Game of Life

Here is the next part of Faith (Book 4 of the Waldmeer Series).

Chapter 31: Coming and Going

Faith and Rybert walked to the top of a nearby hill at sunrise. This part of the Lowlands was mostly grassland. The wind was cold and unfriendly and there were few trees to minimise its sweep across the hillside. Rybert and Faith both pulled their coats tighter. The sun would warm the land a little later but its warmth was only a promise at the moment.

“I don’t want to go back to Wurt Wurt Koort,” said Rybert. “I wouldn’t have come if I wasn’t intending to stay.”

“Yes,” said Faith, “I understand that.”

She looked out over the land. Soon the entire hillside and beyond would be filled with the armies from the Borderfirma territories. Her sisters – Pearl, Melba, and Rose – had sent armed forces. Bethany had also sent the Borderfirma Mountain’s defence force under Odin’s command. The armies of all the Borderfirma territories were normally dormant. This was a rare and unhappy occasion. Before Evanora’s rule, the Lowlands was a well-functioning and harmonious place. One would think that the Lowlands people would have refused to obey Evanora. However, Evanora was no fool and knew how to groom the psyche of people who were generally less clever, determined, and energetic than she.

Sensing that she was not making any progress in convincing Rybert to go home, Faith said, “When we give our attention and love to anything in life, it is a significant offering. We only have so much time. What we spend it on and who we give it to will determine the course of our life and I am very grateful that you came. Nevertheless, I still must ask you to return home. If you don’t want to go back to Wurt Wurt Koort then go somewhere else but you have to return to Earth.”

Faith could see by Rybert’s defeated expression that he was going to go but he looked hurt. His hurt was her hurt too. “Don’t be sad,” said Faith. “You can’t be harmed for something you have done that is good.” Rybert looked unconvinced. “You will see,” she said. “Life doesn’t punish us for being true. Let’s go back to the Monastery now. Gabriel also needs to return to Earth. He will go with you as he is used to coming and going.”




The Waldmeer Series



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