Quotes from Waldmeer: Part 1 – Video

Waldmeer (Book 1 of Waldmeer Series)
Part 1: Waldmeer – A Human and Spiritual Story of Love

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“There is a great deal of fantasy in real life and real in fantasy.”

The Garden
“Fragility is the mask of mastery.”
Commentator re Amira’s rebirth as a flower spirit in Farkas’s garden in Waldmeer.

“We strengthen in ourselves what we give to others.”
The Head Gardener of Garourinn, in the North Country, to Verloren.

“Anything that is held in secret cannot be healed. The light cannot reach that which is locked away in the dark.”
Milyaket, guide of the Vastandamine Forest, in the interdimensional world of the Homeland, to Farkas.

Maria of Waldmeer
“Artists see the invisible before anyone else.”
Commentator re Gabriel and Charlie.

“There is another way of looking at this.”
Charlie to Maria re Erdo’s teachings about relationships.

“Relationships are used by the darkness to keep people revolving around the ego’s demands. For a moment, people see the light of the divine in each other. They run to it and then quickly forget the light they once saw as their fears reclaim their consciousness. Thus, begins the ongoing battle to protect one’s own ‘rights’, in case they be forgotten or betrayed. The tally of what is owed is counted, the guilt of perceived wrongdoings is cast upon the other, one’s freedom must be paid as the price for ‘love’, and it is only in short periods of peace when all of this is forgotten. Those moments are the precious windows of the Soul.”
Erdo, forest mystic of the Leleks, to nineteen-year-old Maria.

“We do not get to Heaven alone.”
Erdo to Maria.

“Those in pain give pain.”
Maria’s thoughts re Farkas when he exits her life abruptly.

The Leleks
“Your body would not get sick if you held no thought of resentment. It is neither good nor bad of itself. If we hold anything against anyone, we will suffer ourselves.”
Erdo to Maria.

“If one is left behind, none of us gets there. No one can be forgotten. We are connected as one creation which has many interrelated parts. We are family. Whoever you hold accountable for their mistaken identity holds you in the dream.”
Erdo to Maria.

“We draw into our lives those who will help us to grow. Naturally, we tend to have mixed feelings about those very people but they are marked for us. We have forgotten that we wrote them an invitation some time ago. We look at them as if they are intruders when all along, they are our guests.”
Erdo to Maria.

“People use sex as a way of trying to complete themselves because they are so fragmented. They are drawn to people who have something that they need. By uniting with them, they think that they will be able to gain the coveted thing.”
Charlie to Maria re Erdo’s teachings.

“Even though our most prized personal bondings are generally selfish and egotistical, they are also our saviour. Through them, we learn to see the essence of ourselves, each other, and life. Our relationships are transformed and so are we. Offer your relationships to God and you will not be disappointed with what is made of them.”
Charlie to Maria about Erdo’s teachings.

The Call to Love
“It is the light of love which connects us to others. That is what we miss. We miss the love. We answer the call of love. It comes from God and touches our soul.”
Maria’s thoughts about missing her friends.

“It is one thing to lose people you love. It is another to lose yourself. That is a greater loss.”
Maria’s reflections on the long beach of Waldmeer.

Retrieving Amira
“It is a great honour to be human. Humans have the capacity to freely choose their destiny and, one day, they will all choose the right destiny.”
Galahad, the wolf pack leader, to Maria.

“We all see a different reality and we make decisions based on what we see. Everyone is trying to protect their interests in the best way that they can. The world is commonly viewed as a place where someone must lose in order for someone else to win. It’s a competition with winners and losers. You must know, in your own heart, that there is an overriding Love which loves everyone.”
Amira, the spirit guide, to Maria.

“Life is not a competition. No one has to lose for someone else to win. A true blessing blesses everyone. A fragmented love which makes others lose will eventually turn upon itself and destroy the very thing which was being so carefully guarded. An open-hearted love will follow a course which can only lead somewhere good.”
Amira to Maria re Gabriel’s attitude about Maria’s other relationships.

“We leave situations that are constantly painful or we seriously change them. However, the Greyness is more deceptive than that. It prolongs its lifespan by throwing in occasional light. Those moments give us the illusion of hope; that we can eventually get what we want from the same scenario.”
Commentator re Verloren and Farkas’s relationship.

“f people could kill without going to jail and, perhaps, without getting their own hands dirty, they often would. Human nature is like that.”
Commentator re Verloren’s feeling about Maria.

“If you can’t work it out together then let each other go freely. You loved her once. She is still that same person. Think of that person you once loved. She is that person whether you are together or not.”
Maria to Charlie about Charlie and Elizabeth’s relationship.

“You can turn every ugly and damaging drama into a genuine blessing by seeing it differently. No one is suffering on purpose. We learn to give up the pleasure we feel in self-righteously blaming others. Healing happens when we see things differently. The question is: do you want suffering or peace? It’s that simple.”
Amira to Maria about Maria’s anger towards Verloren

“Forgiving others is something we give ourselves every day.”
Commentator re Maria’s forgiving Harry for being a bully.

“Even though we have a body which can thrive and be used for beautiful things, it is the changeless soul which connects.”
Commentator about the healing of Amira’s grief re Zufar.

“We have already said more goodbyes than are necessary. Those were goodbyes that brought about the end of partings. We taught each other that no parting is possible.”
Amira to Zufar, her partner from previous lifetimes.

“Relationships are valuable no matter who they are between.”
Maria to Mary about personal preferences.

“We don’t have to stay in a repeating bad story, We can pick up a new book which is better and happier, just by putting the other book down.”
Mary to Charlie re Charlie ending her abusive relationship with Elizabeth.

“Relationships are a gift from God. One cannot arrange what is not written in Heaven. Both people must feel the spark of God which ignites the love and says, Come this way. I have a good story for you.
Commentator about Charlie and Mary.

Being Saved
“We make people special to us, believing that they can save us. When one thing doesn’t work, we look somewhere else to be saved. We rarely question the concept, itself. Sometimes, we don’t look to another person to save us but to money, acknowledgement, a title, a cause, a notion of ourselves. None of it can save us. We travel the path in different ways; some are polite, some are ruthless, some are clever, some are instinctive. In the end, it all leads to the same despairing place. In the unsuspecting quiet moments, there it is; a sense of peace and a feeling that everything is fine without searching for anything to be saved by.”
Commentator re Verloren’s sadness about Farkas leaving.

“Every grievance you hold hides a little more of the light of the world from your eyes until the darkness becomes overwhelming. Everything you forgive restores that light. So, ask yourself, who is it that you are really hurting?”
Head Gardener of Garourinn to Farkas.

New Beginning
“You have loved me and so I leave part of myself here with you.”
Maria, on leaving her first independent home, the Shrine, a shed on Charlie’s property.

“You were brave to come anywhere near me. At some level, you knew that every thought you cherished would be taken apart, every grudge you harboured would be thrown back at you, and every ancient dream you held would be put into the fire. It is not just desperation that does that. It is a belief in oneself that one can do better, that one is worth it. You tried to hurt me but you couldn’t. All of it, you did to yourself. You never gave up on me completely, so that means you never gave up on yourself. You did well.”
Amira to Farkas through the candle-voice in the Shrine.

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