Quotes from Waldmeer: Part 2 – Video

Waldmeer (Book 1 of Waldmeer Series)
Part 2: Eraldus – The Dividing Line

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“Anger is a cover for fear.”
Commentator re Maria’s anger about Gabriel.

“We must search for that point in the centre of a problem from which all the pain radiates. We have to be brave enough to pull the simple, biting answer from the depths of our murky consciousness.”
Commentator re Maria trying to understand her feelings of distress.

“It is only when we are far enough along to realise the sorry state that most people are in that we lose our concern with what other people think.”
Amira to Maria about judging others’ mistakes.

“It takes courage to tread one’s own course, but only at the beginning of each new stage. We hope that we are safe but we are not yet sure.”
Amira to Maria.

“The child in us remains. It lives in our weaknesses. It lives in our trust. It lives in our desire to hold another’s hand. It lives in our devotion to something more than ourselves.”
Commentator re Maria becoming ‘a young woman with her own house, her own business, and her own purpose’.

“True forgiveness totally alters our perception. It sees the spiritual truth and loses sight of the alternatives. Our ego refuses to do this because its main food is remembering the wrongdoings against us even if they are entirely fabricated. To choose to see a different reality leaves the ego no room. It is the healing space. It is the beautiful space. It is the space of love and happiness.”
Commentator re Maria’s focus on forgiveness during her retreat, in Aunt Rose’s house, in Eraldus.

Mir Street
“When we love someone, we make it our business to protect them.”
Commentator re Gortaithe (rescued and rehabilitated German shepherd) and his love for Maria.

“Time is not necessary for healing but it is generally inevitable.”
Commentator re Verloren’s path of healing after visiting Maria.

“It is not for you to decide who you will love and trust. Love those who come into your life. Love them for as long as they wish to be there. And then still love them even if they are no longer there. You cannot run out of love or give too much away. You don’t have to decide or arrange anything. Your happiness is already assured.”
Amira to Maria when Maria asked if she was missing the boat re relationships.

“Healing has its own power and, once started, it moves ahead methodically knowing exactly what track to take for the most efficient and effective results.”
Commentator re Grace’s physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

“Your first responsibility is to your own worth. Everything comes from that.”
Maria to Grace about Grace’s imminent separation from her husband.

“There is a depth to life which only comes from our connection to other people. However, we have to find it without becoming a prisoner.”
Thomas’s thoughts about his own life and advice to Gabriel.

“Healing is simple, if one is healed.”
Amira to Maria about spiritual healers and teachers.

“The spiritual path is more of an unlearning than a learning.”
Amira to Maria.

“Lies rob us of our trust and we project our untrustworthiness onto everyone around us. Have you ever noticed that the innocent are very trusting? They neither lie nor hold other people’s lies against them. Liars, on the other hand, see sabotage everywhere.”
Maria’s advice to John (her client) re his marriage and friendship to another woman.

“Do not be afraid of love or the course it will take. There is no certainty in life. Choose love first and choose love last and it will give you more than you ever give it.”
Maria to John.

Happy Moments
“It was the moments; the precious moments. The moments when no one was complaining, blaming, thinking about past hurts or the fear of future ones. It was those moments of simply being present to another person. Those moments of being grateful. Gratitude for another being; gratitude for life. Those moments made their relationship.”
Commentator re Maria and Gabriel’s experience of dancing together.

“That voice you listen to is no friend. It promises so much but when has it ever given you what it promised? When has it ever given you any happiness longer than a fleeting moment? It has your destruction as its goal, not your happiness.”
Amira (who now has full control of Maria’s body) to Farkas.

“The road is certain for anyone who ventures near it.”
Commentator re Farkas’s spiritual journey.

End of Waldmeer (Book 1 of Waldmeer Series)

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