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Together (Book 2 of Waldmeer Series)
“Relationships are complex and multifaceted. They form, disintegrate, and reform based on problems, growth, destiny, and Divine assistance.”

“The spiritual path is very practical and relevant. This is particularly so in our personal relationships which have more power to change us than anything else. Every relationship is a lesson in love.”

“Have you not yet realised how fragile and brutal the ego is? It will always choose what it perceives as in its best interest for the cheapest price. It may be as blatant as short skirts and lies. It may be more sophisticated and hidden behind ‘kind’ words. But it all comes from the same place of either using people to get what we want or trying to eliminate people who get in our way.”
Amira to Thomas re his problems with Kathleen.

Reach For It
“Be braver. Be more honest. Don’t hold onto what you knew in the past. Artists are meant to express what other people cannot. That is why an artist, of any type, is given a privileged position in society. They are meant to inspire and we are very reliant on inspiration to help us in our lives. You cannot inspire if you are not honest. What is honest for you now will take more courage to carry and hold than it did in the past.”
Amira to Gabriel when he was struggling with his creative work.

The Convent and the Clinkers
“Read minds more than minding words.”
Commentator re Clinker mother’s intuition about Sister Geraldine.

Beginnings and Endings
“Our thoughts and prayers have so much power. If people realised this, they would be much more careful where they let their thoughts drift.”
Amira’s thoughts about Teresa’s new relationships with Thomas and Bryan.

“The relationship, whatever form it may take, now and in the future, is already in motion. It is already bringing up the right issues. Regardless of its destined outcome, it is working in that good/bad, pleasure/painful way that important relationships do. Keep your own eyes on a straight course of love and trust and it will help to move everything in that direction.”
Amira to Teresa in the early stages of Teresa’s relationship with Bryan.

Unfinished Business
“We should respect other people’s decisions, even if they seem bad ones to us. Perhaps, we are wrong. Perhaps, we are not wrong but the decision is necessary for the person’s growth.”
Amira’s thoughts about Gabriel’s decision to marry Paul.

“It is the ongoing interplay between independence and intimacy. Push too far into independence and we disconnect and hurt each other. Then in a longing for togetherness, we seek each other out; fumbling around for the warmth of the other. Push too far into intimacy and we get afraid of losing ourselves in it and we head the other way.”
Amira’s thoughts about Gabriel’s behaviour.

“Love is to free, not to imprison.”
The Master of Garourinn’s advice to Farkas.

“We may be learning different things a lot of the time, but we are learning them together. It is enough to know that.”
Commentator re Teresa and Bryan’s relationship.

“We can learn to use the pain in our relationships to transform us thereby turning them into entities which heal not harm.”
Quote from the Little Book of Healing which Thomas and Kathleen were both reading.

Petals and Sweet Peas
“The ego is constantly on guard and looking for all the ways it will be betrayed and hurt. If we listen with our fears then almost everything is a threat. If we listen with our spirit then no offence is taken. The voice we listen to changes our perception.”
Amira’s thoughts re Farkas saying that she was ‘annoying and offensive’.

“Have no delusions of grandeur or plotting schemes. Have flawless confidence because you are worthy and sacred.”
Amira’s thoughts about the way gardens reflect spiritual qualities.

One Year On
“Who would willingly walk the path of love if they knew its cost, without first being seduced by its promise?”
Kathleen to Thomas about the painful nature of relationships.

“Have you noticed how much lying we do in our relationships? We tell ourselves that it’s not lying or it is excusable for purposes of self-defence. How little we realise that every lie digs us deeper into a painful delusion and we end up building war zones, not love boats.”
Thomas’s advice to Gabriel and himself about couple relationships.

“Those we love become our teachers whether we intend it or not.”
Teresa re Bryan’s maturity in resolving an argument.

“It’s easy to be nice to people who don’t mean that much to us. But if something matters to us, we will fight to make it work in our favour. Do we even know what is in our favour?”
Gabriel’s realisation about his approach to Amira.

“The learning opportunities of togetherness are not only practical but precious for us all.”
Erdo (the mystic of the Leleks) to Amira.

End of Together (Book 2 of Waldmeer Series)

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