Faith (Book 4 of Waldmeer) RECAP

Recently, we discovered that Pittown is Book 5 of the Waldmeer Series. Merlyn, Ben, and Tom of Pittown have connected with the towns of Waldmeer and Wurt Wurt Koort. After twenty years, we are reintroduced to Rybert (now 60) of Wurt Wurt Koort Tearooms and Faith-Amira’s son, Malik (now mid-40’s), of the Waldmeer Warriors. We do not know what happened to Faith-Amira (now 70) and Gabriel (now 60) in the inter-dimensional Borderfirma Mountains. In order to remind us of the events of Waldmeer and Borderfirma, here is a recap of Faith (Book 4 of Waldmeer).

FAITH (Book 4 of Waldmeer)


Look After My Boy
When Gabriel and twelve-year-old Aristotle return to Waldmeer from the Borderfirma Mountains, Gabriel is very disoriented. He cannot assimilate the interdimensional world of Borderfirma with his Earth life. Aristotle uses his psychic powers to make Gabriel lose his memory of Borderfirma. Gabriel then thinks that he is looking after Aristotle because Amira asked him to.

Three months later, Amira returns to Waldmeer as Faith (mother of Aristotle). She brings her other children, Bethany, now 30, and Malik, now 24, and her granddaughter Lentilly, 10. Although only three months have passed in Waldmeer, ten years have passed in Borderfirma, and Faith-Amira is fifty.

A Different Approach
After settling back into Waldmeer, Faith-Amira wants to re-establish her relationship with Gabriel but he has been showing no interest at all. Malik is making a path for himself as a personal instructor. He is appropriately nicknamed, the Warlord of the Waldmeer Warriors.

Witches of Wurt Wurt Koort
Bethany and Lentilly move to Wurt Wurt Koort, town of the witches, where Bethany opens a small school of dance, magic, and other creative activities.

Wurt Wurt Koort Tearooms
Wurt Wurt Koort is home to the tearooms of the charismatic and likeable Rybert who becomes a friend to Faith and her family. Back in Waldmeer, Faith reconnects with Farkas who strangely knows that she is Amira and does not seem bothered by it.

Mirror of Life
We learn what happened to Faith when she visited the interdimensional land in the middle of Borderfirma and Heaven, Tierramedio. It was a totally transforming spiritual experience for her.

Two Hundred Laughs
Back in Waldmeer, it is now the end of summer and change is in the air. Faith, Aristotle, and Lentilly are spending a lot of time around Rybert in the Wurt Wurt Koort Tearooms. Gabriel makes his first connection with Rybert and also makes a very significant jump in his understanding of who Faith is. It changes the course of their relationship.


Keep Going
Michael, the shy sixteen-year-old boy that Malik is training in Waldmeer, is confronted with a choice between the anger of peer-bullies and Malik’s disapproval. He glimpses himself in the future and makes a pertinent choice. (By the way, we now know from Pittown that his vision of himself was correct.) Through this incident, Malik meets his future wife, Rachael, and inadvertently falls in love with her.

Although Gabriel has started visiting Faith-Amira in Waldmeer and staying the night, the underlying problems in their relationship remain. The Master of Tierramedio meets Faith-Amira on the beach and tells her, “Gabriel is very changeable, at this stage. His feeling for you does not change. That has remained constant because such things are not a deliberate choice that one can decide to un-choose. What changes is the mindset from which he is seeing life.”

Tears and Sunshine / Husband
Zufar (father of Faith’s children) appears to her one night in Waldmeer and tells her that she must return to the inter-dimensional Borderfirma Mountains immediately as her mother has died and she must take over the running of the land. Faith-Amira leaves Malik, Bethany, and Lentilly on Earth and only takes Aristotle with her.

In Wurt Wurt Koort, Rybert keeps asking Bethany where Faith has gone but gets no sensible answer. He introduces Bethany to an instrumental person in her life, his Aunt Charity, a powerful witch. Aunt Charity helps Bethany understand who her sought-after husband is. Upon understanding, Bethany returns to the Borderfirma Mountains to take her rightful place. Malik is now the only one of the family left on Earth.

Faith-Amira is not allowed to return to Earth, however, she is permitted one short visit to Gabriel. He is understandably angry that she left and won’t speak to her.

Way Out
In a visit to Tierramedio (land in the middle of Borderfirma and Heaven), Faith-Amira walks down a tunnel called Death Row and speaks to an elderly Farkas and, in a different room, an elderly Gabriel. Both visits were disturbing, however, the Master tells her, “This is only one possibility, but it’s a possible possibility. Everyone on Earth is on Death Row until they find a way out. It’s not so hard to find the way out, but the problem is wanting to.”


Floating Cave
Being unsettled, Gabriel visits Waldmeer Boathouse Cafe. There he meets, unknown to him, the Master, who tells him that if he goes for a walk along Cypress Lane, he will find Amira. Cypress Lane, being an inter-dimensional doorway, takes Gabriel to Floating Cave Monastery. It is there in the secret and sacred salt pond of the monastery that Gabriel and Faith-Amira meet for the first time in a year and have a particularly memorable experience.

Gathering the Forces / Game of Life
Things are ramping up. For the past year, Faith-Amira has been living alone in Floating Cave Monastery in the Borderfirma Lowlands preparing for the battle which Nina’s crystal ball predicted. The battle is drawing near and Faith receives her first warrior. To her amazement, it is Rybert. His Aunt Charity sent him. The next night, Faith receives her second warrior. It is Gabriel who, missing her after last week’s salt pond experience, decides to return to Floating Cave Monastery via Cypress Lane. Gabriel and Rybert share a room with rather amusing results. The next day, Faith-Amira sends them both back to Earth on the grounds of being ill-equipped warriors. She did not want either of them to be in the danger zone.

Not On My Watch
Left to the serious nature of the ensuing battle, Faith-Amira struggles with the best way to go forward. Acting on a dream, she sends the thousands of soldiers, who had now gathered, back to their homes. She said that she would stay at the monastery but requested that each territory send her their best mystic. To her grave concern, the best mystic of her own territory turned out to be her son, Aristotle.

For Nothing, For All
Although the Lowlands army was ready to attack, the six members of the household at Floating Cave Monastery – Faith, Aristotle, Odin, and the three mystics from the other Borderfirma lands – went about their day as quietly as peacetime. This had the peculiar effect of disenabling the battle without casualties and without fanfare.

After everything settles, Odin tells Faith that Nina’s crystal ball said that Aristotle and Indra would marry at twenty and jointly take over the leadership of the Borderfirma Lowlands. Faith and Odin both commit to helping Aristotle and Indra prepare for the mighty task ahead of them.

A few months had passed in Waldmeer and Gabriel had made a decision; the most important decision of his life. He left Darnall, where he had been living. He drove to Cypress Lane and talked to the Master, who knew he was coming. Then, for the last time, he walked away from Waldmeer, down Cypress Lane, and went to Faith-Amira.

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